Sunday 11 November 2012

TERRAIN delivery - "Rhisienne" taking shape

This, Ladies and Gentlemen, makes me a happy man!

I have something to share that has always eluded me. A full set of quality terrain ready for gaming (ie. 95% finished, up to gaming quality and I can add decals, little more weathering, graffiti, and other detail over time.)

I've been working on these on and off for many many years, but for the past year they were all packed away from the move. Well this weekend I fired up big time, and the set is ready for gaming. I rewarded myself by ordering the gorgeous new Citadel bunker/trench system kit and the landing pad I've been wanting since it came out.

So some quick iPhone pics of "Rhisienne" at different stages this weekend,

buildings getting a desert dusting (some also a rusting)

Legion Venerable inspecting the new terrain (prior to ground washes)

Buildings and tiles (prior to ground washes)

Finished tiles still masked

Sample tile, masking removed, all ready to go late tonight!


  1. Looking good my friend!
    Especially like that pale ground shade.

  2. Magnificent terrain, I really like the earth tones of the sand.



  3. Looking good man! Just one question: Why are 40k cities always such ruins? ;-)

  4. I really like how the bases match the board. Really important addition imo. The differing colours really give a sort of realism to the board.

    Any chance of a close up of your Necromunda Buildings (I'm sorry much more interesting to me than moonlit desert;-). Especially the one with the chimney.


  5. These boards look fantastic...

    Would it be possible for you to give us a run-down on the techniques/materials you've used on them at all..?

    I want to do something similar, but maybe lean a little more toward grey tones.

    I've considered using various tones with my airbrush to paint up my boards to get that dusty feel, then using some selective washes to bring back some details in various places.

  6. I started with white prime, then heavy layers of brown and grey washes. I then used Tamiya grey and sand spray paints to build it up again. Then washed with MIG pigments, before finishing with ivory white Tamiya spray. I found the table too big for airbrush, but the sprays worked beautifully.

    Trims I sprayed black and masked.

    Thanks for the comments guys :)

  7. If it is as you say and the airbrush isn't any good for this size job, I'll go hunt down some suitable spray paints...

    Thank you very much for the run-down on your method.