Monday 19 November 2012

Pelicanne / Chaide / Horificus (WIP)

Pelicanne / Chaide / Horificus

Hunt, hunt, 

Run, run,

Fly, fly,

The Girl with the machine eyes and the Pelicanne.

Feathered pan, wide like a Russ. Oh it can. Kill them no fuss.

Tall and thin, she carries his every whim. Together they say, none can get away.

Mirror, mirror, where is the pray. Mirror, mirror Reveal the way.


  1. Eerie, menacing, provocative.

    WIPs that show just enough to make you salivate, and leave you hungry for more...

    Very nice.

  2. That bird man is eminently creepy. Reminds me of Gormenghast for some reason I can't fathom.

    All the best.

  3. The Pelicanne is just ace! As well as the idea to present WIPs in black and white. In fact, I think I'll give it a try.

  4. Wonderful Migs!

    First of all the idea of using b/w-photos for you WIP shots. As said it gives the overall concepts a really eerie look, which fits the Chaide perfectly! I love how the hourglass distorts Blandches images in the background - makes it even more unreal.

    Chaide is coming along nicely :)

  5. Nice! As others have said; these b/w WIP shots give you just enough to want more! They all look very promising.

  6. I am on the fence over the black and white shots. With the WIP shots of modelling from a technical perspective it makes it difficult to see how you have put the models together and what you have used. On the PIP font it really adds to effect and will make the fullt painted reveal all the more effective.

    The Pellicanne is flipping creepy. It looks like Silas has well and truly moved passed the use of thrice bound daemon hosts to actually using daemons. Were you inspired by Jakob in creation of this?

    I still love the repentia's boltpistol and she looks great in the PIP shot.


  7. Pelicanne concept stolen. Great job, Migs.

  8. Thanks for the comments guys! Much appreciated. Everyone reading these, speak out if you can, would be nice to get more feedback :)


    That's part of the plan, part of the magic. I don't necessarily want to always reveal every single detail until the whole thing comes together.

    Who is Jakob ? ;) No, this one is a result of ordering more Bretonnian peasants for conversion fodder and seeing the bird-head banner. This conversion was decided in an instant. Putting it together, I did think of his bird man!

  9. Another good reason to do these b/w-photos during the process is to bring in a sense of atmosphere from as early in the process as possible.

    With a sense of atmosphere I do not only mean a certain mood, as said before, but precisely that - an atmosphere with a sensous quality that hints towards the surroundings of the characters. The flickering beams and rays of light caught in a haze, dim moonlight turning into moonshade, vapour.

    Weather as it were.

    That is where not only choosing the right background and setting but also lighting - and even more so - becomes important.

    I hope you will consider weather conditions (in its broadest sense of the word) in developing these photos.

  10. - and one last thing:

    I love how the glass from the displays and hourglass reflects the lightsource(s).

    I have a feeling that these reflections are important for the overall mood of the shots.

    They remind me of how Blanche achieves something similar when he use dots of light to establish certain atmospheric qualities in his work.

  11. Brilliant stuff Migs, really atmospheric and creepsy. The Pelican is wonderful, and I like the atmospheric black and white for wips.