Thursday 31 October 2013

WIP Alpharius - Legion Epistolary

My most extensively converted true scale marine to date.This warrior mystic will be my count as Chief Librarian Tigurius for allied marine continent or possibly eventually a full Legion army using Codex Space Marines. I like how the B&W photos merge GS and plastic. Human WIPs for scale.

Wednesday 30 October 2013


Preparing for my first game with the army, first 6th edition game and first game of Warhammer 40000 in over two years this Sunday!

I will be going against a very experienced and active Tyranid player, who also appears to be a very nice chap with good contacts in the community here. To my pleasant surprise I've recently realized a bunch of very old skool Dakka Dakka members live in the Bay Area. People I've known online for a decade and people who regularly win big tournaments in the USA. So looking forward to trying not to get tabled as I figure things out.

For those of you whom I appear a pure modeling and painting geek, I can confirm I also used to be a gaming geek, with several 3rd place finishes in tournaments and 6th overall in the UK Grand Tournament finals (140 players) in 2004 I think. Just very rusty these day. After active 3rd and 4th editions, I only managed less than 10 games of 5th.

When I build armies I have a few things that drive the design, things that I like when playing the game.

  • I want to be active on each phase of the game (move, shoot, assault )
  • I'm interested in winning by dominating area and objectives rather than just killing stuff
  • I want to do well with lists that surprise people
  • I like force multiplier units and war gear and finding truly synergetic combos
  • I hate copy paste army lists
For reference my old UK GT army was Iron Warriors - but included three different close combat squads in rhinos, a pure close combat dreadnought!, Basilisk, Winged Daemon prince and no duplicate units. It was very different from the Obliterator and Defiler spam that was the complete norm for Iron Warriors.

So this is what I will be starting my come back and 6th edition with. The Storm Raven is the only unit that isn't equipped the way I like, waiting for the Inquisitorial gun cutter to be finished. That conversion will feature hurricane blotters, assault cannons and enough psybolt ammunition to drown a hive fleet. Until then my Vendetta conversion will be a stand in, as equipped. 

Let me know what you think, in particular if the point costs are wrong and expect an army report sometime next week.


XX Legion / Rhisienne, M42 
(total models #  total points: 1743 pts / 43 models )  


Lord Inquisitor Berthold Von Lochov, Cabal Emissary  (count as Inquisitor Coteaz #1 pts:100) 

“Berthold, the formidable off-spring of Terran Nobility cast aside as a child with fearsome psychic potential only to grow into a Lord Inquisitor of incredible magnetism, charisma and intellect, is perhaps the most dangerous man on Rhisienne. Von Lochov is a master strategist who’s worth is best measured in the deep respect he enjoys amongst the Astartes, but several forces beyond humanity hunt for his soul”

Articifier armour, bolt pistol, master-crafted nemesis thunder mace, frag / krak / psyk - grenades, imperial eagle
Independent character, I’ve been expecting you, Psyker (level 2), spy-network, stubborn.
dark excommunication, hammerhand, sanctuary or Divination-, Pyromancy-, Telekinesis-table 
“Ambassador of Rhisienne”


Legionnaires & operatives Jargassor and Ralf (count as purifier squad #10 pts: 295)

“When the God Emperor created his demigod generals and their Legions of super warriors he made them adaptable and all powerful, but he also designed each to perfect an aspect of warfare and to fulfill a unique role fitting to their Primarch’s character. The XX would be the Emperor’s Special Operations Forces, the most independent, secretive, clandestine, unorthodox and creative of all of his Legions.”

power armour, storm bolter, frag / krak / psyk - grenades
2 Falxes (Nemesis Halberds)
1 Nemesis Thunder Hammer
4 Psycannons
hammerhand, breath of the hydra
the aegis, brotherhood of the cabal, combat squads, fearless, preferred enemy (daemons) 

Fabricator Captain Siimon (count as techmarine #1 pts: 105)

“Magos and Skitari Commander of Imperial Mineralis”

articifier armour, bolter, digital harness, frag / krak / psyk / rad / psychotoroke - grenade system


Emerald Guard, Von Lochov House Militia (count as henchmen warband #7 pts:83)

“The private army of a Noble house with access to Inquisitorial equipment and training from the Astartes, Loyal to the core, experienced and stubbornly fearless.”

Karsten, Anselm, Meinhard: Warrior Acolytes with bolters 15
- Master Leopold, Warrior Acolyte with storm bolter 8
3 Emerald guard firesupport servitors, 3 plasmacannons 60

Rh PDF Chimera APC (#1 pts:56)
2 Heavy bolters, smoke
amphibious, command vehicle

Stealth Team Damask (count as henchmen warband #5 pts:46)

“Dune Twists are master pathfinders - outcasts whose mutant elders have roamed the great desert for centuries of tribal wars and incredible hardships. Small teams are often lead by Legion agents and advisors”

Twist, flamer 14
Twist, plasma gun 14
Rich & Tusharat the Goggles; Warrior Acolytes 8
Twist Shaman Mystic 10

Rh PDF Chimera APC (#1 pts:56)
2 heavy flamers, smoke
amphibious, command vehicle

Stealth Team Effrit (count as henchmen warband #3 pts:15)

“Legion agents, Hand picked from Imperial military and enforcment organisations to create mobile, independent teams of expert marksmen and demolition experts.”

Ralph, Kranj & Egran, Warrior Acolytes with bolters

Stealth Team Ceramit  (count as henchmen warband #3 pts:46)

“Legion agents, Hand picked from Imperial military and enforcment organisations to create mobile, independent teams of expert marksmen and demolition experts.”

Raging Bulldons, Warrior Acolytes with meltaguns 42
Sarge, Warrior Acolyte 4

Leonard Delel, Rogue Trader  & The Formicarius (count as henchmen warband #7 pts: 94)

“The Charter or Rogue Trading is one of the oldest and most powerful legal documents in the Imperium of Man. Rogue Traders are tasked to push the boundaries of imperial trade and produce to uncharted and at times extremely high-risk / high return territories. Leonard Delel is an examplery one, ambitious, cunning and seemingly with seven lives to spend. Delel’s special expertise is in Xenotech and he is currently subject to an Inquisitorial investigation.”

Delel and 4 of the formicarius, Death cult assassins
Shortfuse, Warrior Acolyte meltabombs 9
Chronodaem Mystic 10


Viper” Custom Raven  (#1 Storm Raven pts: 205)

“Attack craft capable of rapid and clandestine insertions of infantry are an important part of XX operations and the legion employs a wide range of different craft, often custom equipped for specific missions”

Twin-linked lascannons, twin-linked heavy bolters, mind strike missiles.
asault vehicle, power of the machine spirit, fortitude,…


XVJ32U22” Imperial Minerals Skitari Cyclops, Mars Pattern (#1 rifleman dreadnought pts:136)

“The Legio Cybernetica is a treasured facet of the Mechanicum. Since the great Crusade it has played its role among the noblest Astartes Legion. The Cyclops are incredibly destructive and mission specific robotic shells housing advanced machine-spirits. Cybernetica tech-priests engineer organic-synthetic minds from biological components to work as the neural system of these automatons. Cyclops form the Alfa strike component of the Imperial Minerals’ fighting arm”

Twin-linked auto-missilepods, with flux-core rockets
smoke, searchlight
the aegis, preffered enemy, psychic pilot, reinforced aegis, fortitude

The Blade of Laerna” Land Raider  (#1 Land Raider Redeemer pts:260)

“The Landraider is the single most destructive weapon in the Adeptus Astartes' arsenal. Protected by bonded ceramite and adamantium armour, the Landraider is impervious to all bar the most destructive weaponry. The Redeemer variant is equipped with the formidable Flamestrom cannons, capable of  burning down entire enemy formations.”

two flamestorm cannons, twin-linked assault cannon with flux-core ammo, multi-melta, frag assault launchers, smoke
 the aegis, psychic pilot, power of the machine spirit, assault vehicle, fortitude

Master Omegon”, 1st Dreadnought,  (#1 Dread Knight pts:260)

“Master Omegon, a Dreadknight Pattern dreadnought unlike anything the Forges of Mars can manufacture today, is a relic of immense destructive power and a sage counsel to his chapter. From his legendary triumphs in flesh, through epic injuries, he has continued serve the chapter in death since the Heresy. ”

Heavy inferno cannon, Nemesis greatsword, personal teleporter
dreadknight armour, nemesis doomfists
Jump Monstrous creature
the aegis, ATSKNF, preffered enemy daemons, psyker, reinforced aegis, 
Dark Excommunication, Hammerhand

Monday 21 October 2013

Holger, Master of Ordnance, Emerald Guard.

My second take of the brilliant Nurgle Lord, and first of three Plasma Cannon models for the retinue. The first one, Borsus of the Red Storme Riseth thrown in for reference and to show how different the Legion palette is.

I've promised more and better pictures of the various henchmen and what not, and once I have a few more finished I will do that.

Friday 11 October 2013

Skitarii Praetorian Centurions

I know I released the first of these to mixed reactions, but having just finished the squad ready for painting I am very excited about them. The right paint job that emphasizes their weight and the materials combined with the scale that goes missing with out reference is going to make this a great looking part of the Army that adds another important point in the range of scale in the force.

With out further ado:

“Praetorians are the absolute elite of  Skitarii (the official term for Mechanicus military forces), augmented with a sophisticated array of bionics and powered suits of armour. The Centurions are heavy battle suit originally built for the Astartes fire support roles, but modified versions were created for the Skitarii and have become the hammer of many Praetorian missions”