Saturday 28 April 2012

Quick update

I need to brief you guys more thoroughly, but basically I've decided to do a big push to get the army to playing condition by 6th ed.

Ordering some supplies and reigning down on mental conversions and instead concentrating on Vehicles after this batch.

Sunday 15 April 2012

Nearly there with Breaking Rust!

Pleased to share some pics and findings with you today.

1. I still love painting miniatures.
2. I actually achieved a red that fits the army palette beautifully
3. I have great friends without whom I might have drifted away from the hobby for quite some time
4. More to come: I ordered white spray primer, some new GW paints and the Empire "wagon altar thing" that comes with two gorgeous conversion starting points. I'm nearly ready for paint with three marines and four cultists.

A note to self that in the future I want to be bolder with the direction Ive been going: my conversions be even more technically precise and my painting to be much less so and much more organic.