Sunday 29 April 2012

Ready for paint

Quite a bunch of models:


  1. Well, isn't that just an enormous pile of wonderful models ready or paint! I'm looking forward to seeing these models in progress.


  2. With Dave on that, excited to see what you do with all of these lovelies!

  3. I'm all tingly...

    It is embaressing to admit that isn't much of an exaggeration, looking forward to seeing you paint all those up.

    Will you be painting them individually or in groups?

  4. I think I'll paint them as small groups, but possibly this time work on a bunch simultaneously.

    Thanks guys, should be nice additions to the army.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing all these guys painted. Watching this branch of your =][= trilogy is great. I'm quite happy to see you haven't been swept away from the hobby. I'm just starting to inch back toward it, with you to thank for much of my inspiration.


  6. Alot of work to do not to mention that you've already made a lot while converting them all. Wonder how long would it take to paint 'em?

    as of me, i am still working on first stage - conversion & assembling - and it already took about 2 months and more inc. (

  7. Didn't know where else to mention this, so I decided to do it in this comment. I found this blog on DakkaDakka which is done by some other Blanche fans, think you will dig it a lot!