Tuesday 6 December 2011

Almost fully operational!

I lack the time for a true write up and pictorial just now - but you guys deserve some pics - so here's the interim show of project Desk I took very late Sunday night. Everything I need is in place apart from that perfect task light. The hunt for all the right glass domes, odd machinations, leather bound books and more beautiful tools continues...

Saturday 3 December 2011

Deskjob mini update - full pictorial drawing near!

Patience is a virtue! Sadly I have very little - I excel at anxious waits, tirelessly organising and designing things in my head if I don't have the time or opportunity to work on a project. These past two months have been so overwhelming that for once, the wait was not too bad. But finally two weeks ago our stuff arrived and the household is now fully operational. I had to save the best for the last. So I Spent three hours with the desk today and will spend all of tomorrow setting it up further and touring antique shops and odd joints for little gems to add. Vallejo paints are perfect size for the small drawers and when I organized them in colors (eg all the greens to one drawer) the paints I had also fit perfectly. It feels like this desk was waiting for me all along Nothing I dislike is touching this desk. Pictures very soon!