Friday 30 March 2012


A quick update from my desk - my favorite pens and a new calliper one, I found from the wonderful Best Made store.

This pen is made in Germany, is quite useful for cutting platicard strips to right length and oozes 40k oddity.

Tuesday 27 March 2012

Testing out the blogger app on iPhone

Hopefully, this could turn out to be a super easy way to have frequent updates of modeling and painting steps. I need to figure out away to do that. Taking out the camera, downloading the content to my laptop, photoshop, uploading to blogger... Simply won't cut it. That takes about the time I have for modeling in the entire week anyway.

I've brushed off the rust and started painting a very interesting challenge, moonlight pale red in an army that has no red, not even purity seals or other detail like that.

I hope to share steps of how I build the red.

Wednesday 21 March 2012

Back to painting.

I broke out the paints - HUZZAH! It's been close to six months due to moving to a new continent and such exciting times in professional and personal life. I am now working on the Mechanicus Fabricator Captain to brake out the rust... literally in places :)

It'll be quite interesting. Trying to achieve a very cool and "moonlighty" red! to match the rest of the army that doesn't have red anywhere apart from a few blood effects, is a nice little adventure.

Excpect pics sometime this year :) No, but having everything set-up so I can just paint for a minute when I have a minute is the key to making this work. I'm also back to hunting parts for my desk, looking for large glass domes at the moment.

Oh, and if anyone has some Empire Gold Wizard helmets lying about, lets do business - I have two, but need 5 for a possible Death Cultist head solution?

Wednesday 7 March 2012

The lamps "arrived". of them even without scratches. Well, that is enough and with the worst ever amazon experience mostly behind me, I can concentrate on painting this coming weekend :)

It's a lamp from a very traditional English company called Anglepoise. The Type 75 was designed by my favorite tutor from the RCA, Kenneth Grange. The Grand Old Man of English Industrial Design. I was very specific about getting this particular lamp for my desk project. It's very english and subtly industrial, with great "heritage". I actually ordered two, black & white.

This one is going back...