Tuesday 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas Everyone!

And a happy new year!

PIP of the Alter and the HH book from Santa!

PS/Edit / oh WOW how badly the blogger app pic size quality shrink sucks...

Thursday 20 December 2012

Setting a deadline.

On 1st of March, one of the most insanely converted and painted Warhammer 40000 armies ever built will go to war.


I am contemplating between the team tournament (if I find a good match) and the massive task of finishing 2000pts (I'm up to 1250ish today) and living with the consequences of doing a crazy army list to reach that and then having my beautifully made models die to some possibly half painted copy paste list.

The latter don't sound so good, does it? In time, I'm sure my list will be very strong too, but I also need practice, since I only managed to play like half a dozen games of 5th, after very active 3rd and 4th editions.

Thursday 13 December 2012

WIP update : Heroes and Villains

Almost ready to prime.

Both the Von Lochov Praetorian and the Devotee have since gotten fitting shoulder pad detailing that completely hides the Cadian feel. The trio, together with the Chastener (the dual pistol guy) and Servo-skull, both shown earlier, received a coat of primer today.

I like how the B&Ws hide what I sculpted and what is standard parts.

Devotee is heading for the BAD retinue. The +I+ not decided yet, the Praetorian is Legion, Von Lochov's personal Praetorian.

... stories will be written ....

Tuesday 11 December 2012

WIP update : Legion, Good and Bad

Here's a random update of what's cooking. Adding to the mix a Leman Russ Demolisher 50% assembled.

You see here models that will end up in the Bad retinue, the very first concepts for the Good Retinue and Legion project (Space Marine squad and Von Lochov's retinue)

I'll try to focus so I can actually deliver something soon.

See how badly scaled the DA Librarian is to the Cultist models most of whom are actually a tad taller. This plays nicely for my project though. My own marines being "correctly" scaled to GW Background, I get to make good use of a lot of Space Marine parts/models for =I= projects. The Librarian will be a fine canvas for one.

Monday 3 December 2012

+ Inquisitor Silas and the new recruits +

Mirror Master - Where is the mirror? Old, Wise beyond law, Erudite Extraordinaire, but how to remember thy minutia?

Tobias the Curze - Caretaker, Make sure master see no harm, solid slug for everyday, Enuncia for ordnance!

Chaide - Pelicanne, Man Bird, Haunted Hunter, The Weather!

At long last, The new additions are here. Well new and old. I had tremendous fun painting them. Taking fifteen minutes here and there. I still have some finishing work to do after varnish, but 99% they are done.

I've kept going back to the original +I+ rulebook for guidance. I've worked hard to maintain that feel and for these characters to be something if rendered by Blanche, Kopinski,  or Dainton that they would totally fit in. For each new character I had unique considerations, but ended up also wanting a somewhat common look for the three of them. Like I had for the first three.

It is now time to start planning how to play with these guys, where to find a new gang of crazy hobbyists to create a world and storyline worthy of the energy.

Next comes.

The Mirror - mirror mirror, dead or alive...

The Devout - Burn the Ministeric!

and of course, The Alterkin

Cant wait to show you more...