Tuesday 11 December 2012

WIP update : Legion, Good and Bad

Here's a random update of what's cooking. Adding to the mix a Leman Russ Demolisher 50% assembled.

You see here models that will end up in the Bad retinue, the very first concepts for the Good Retinue and Legion project (Space Marine squad and Von Lochov's retinue)

I'll try to focus so I can actually deliver something soon.

See how badly scaled the DA Librarian is to the Cultist models most of whom are actually a tad taller. This plays nicely for my project though. My own marines being "correctly" scaled to GW Background, I get to make good use of a lot of Space Marine parts/models for =I= projects. The Librarian will be a fine canvas for one.


  1. Looking very good indeed. Looking forward to see more!

  2. Indeed great idea to use the off-scale marine torso for the INQ.

  3. Off to another great start. Are those kroot legs or crypt ghouls?

  4. Crypt Ghouls.

    Thanks gents.

    I want to emphasize, these are models to 3 different projects and even that is subject to change. I made great progress with two of them, and am hoping to share those tomorrow. I'm very pleased with both... Borsus and Valencia level pleased at this stage...

  5. The glass domes create a fantastic ghosting effect, separating the completed art from the WIPs!

    The new builds look equally as intricate and dramatic as your other work - looking forward to more colour!

  6. Any chance of a tutorial on how you make your marines? Also when do we get a full army shot of the last army you made?

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