Sunday 8 January 2012

The Hourglass Inquisitor

It's been ages. But believe it or not, an update with actual new conversion is coming up sooner than later. Just a bit of pressure to make it worth the wait - which I think he just might be.

A lot of things in my recent life has revolved around time, or the lack of. I've had the time of my life and a dozen things competing of attention with the dear old hobby. I've got a new job I love and that takes a lot to do. The realization of just how little time I will have for the hobby has made me focus my attention much more. I sincerely want to play with the Legion Army some day this year, so forays to new artistic endeavors and off hand +I+ retinue's shall wait. Everything I make until a playable army will fit in thematically and visually under the legion umbrella. Which is wide, chaotic and artistic enough for a decade of work anyway!

That means, I am building Lord Inquisitor Zaetoc Andaluz, Carrier of the Occult Glass, Cabal Emissary. And HE may just steal Borsus and Valencia to work for him, under the moonlight, and leave Silas standing around for showcase purposes ih his red haze that would never fit the legion aesthetic or story line. Inquisitor Zaetoc will obviously be my count as Coteaz and allow the Legion army to use the Grey Knight Codex, which makes my XX Legionnaires feel like the marines they are, and also allow for the wildest array of +I+ and other dramatic personae with the most gothic retinues and war bands. Beings like Fabricator Captain Siimon and Leonard Delel, Rogue Trader will fit right in.

Before I left Finland, so over 3months ago now - I put together and cleaned bits for the +I+ conversion, and opted for a very striking focus, a halo like location for an hourglass.

Just so happened one of the first new "perfect things" I got for my desk project is one too.

Check it out:

+++ Making of the Hourglass Vid Capture +++

Last but not least, a good friend has awarded me with a nice opportunity and a DL, so by the end of the month, I shall have some new stuff and the desk project in first stage show off junction and documented well.