Thursday 20 December 2012

Setting a deadline.

On 1st of March, one of the most insanely converted and painted Warhammer 40000 armies ever built will go to war.


I am contemplating between the team tournament (if I find a good match) and the massive task of finishing 2000pts (I'm up to 1250ish today) and living with the consequences of doing a crazy army list to reach that and then having my beautifully made models die to some possibly half painted copy paste list.

The latter don't sound so good, does it? In time, I'm sure my list will be very strong too, but I also need practice, since I only managed to play like half a dozen games of 5th, after very active 3rd and 4th editions.


  1. A deadline. Ambitious. I look forward to seeing how you bash out the rest of the army.

  2. Huge congratulations for visibility and credits on the pages of White Dwarf! Big leagues. :)