Tuesday 27 March 2012

Testing out the blogger app on iPhone

Hopefully, this could turn out to be a super easy way to have frequent updates of modeling and painting steps. I need to figure out away to do that. Taking out the camera, downloading the content to my laptop, photoshop, uploading to blogger... Simply won't cut it. That takes about the time I have for modeling in the entire week anyway.

I've brushed off the rust and started painting a very interesting challenge, moonlight pale red in an army that has no red, not even purity seals or other detail like that.

I hope to share steps of how I build the red.


  1. Hey Migs , Looking good ,I found a very good article about moonlight and colour a few weeks ago , might come in handy..


  2. Hey Migs, good idea using the phone to update on the hoof, especially given the quality of the iPhone camera and display (which I still can't get over); I tried something similar last week, though, and found that the comments field was simply eating anything that I was entering into it rather than uploading it to the blog - so be warned if you're writing any epic replies in there.

    Neil, that post's really interesting!

  3. Looking amazing!
    I'm still getting the hang of my I-Phone camera.
    However when I get it just right I can pull off some amazing pics of my miniatures.
    Keep up the amazing work.

  4. Neil, thanks so much for the interesting article!

    My approach is obviously more art than science, and very much built on how moonlight looks in Finland - rather distinct, cold, eerie shade... ( I suppose now supplemented by Californian variation )

    I want my work to have color richness, but a ghostly nuance of "grim darkness".

  5. I've been hit-and-run painting for the last couple of years now, thanks to the many different factors that have been making it very complicated to arrange the free time in my life. The worst part is, you actually get used to it. When I actually have time for the hobby, I get confused by all the possibilities and nothing gets done...

    Yes, this is looking very interesting project to follow. What kind of reference material are you using when painting the shades?

  6. By the way Migsula, are you using GW paints? What are your thoughts on the new paints they are releasing?