Wednesday 14 November 2012

Chaide, The Mirror-Master and a "Solar Cultist"-concept

Riding the tide of reincarnation.

"Congratulations on finding a new way ahead. The layered effect on the red(ish) robe is stunning. Weathery and almost ethereal. Woven of a mix of silk and fog!

I look forward to see more of this from you. You are slowly becoming my favourite meteorologist... "


That was such motivating and beautiful way to put things that is has really propelled this project along.

Been working on the mirror master and Chaide models on and off for a year. Both have very clear typologies, just tweaked in a gothic way. The mirror master is Woodoo, meets Farseeing, meets 40K. Chaide an Angel of Death. The Solar Cultist is a brand new start and depending on the twists and turns of the creative process might end up in the Legion project or "Good" continent of the trilogy. I've yet to meet the character properly to know which +I+ is inducting his services. I think that is a key thing to understand in how my characters evolve, how much in flux things are up to paint and sometimes beyond.

Snapped a quick iPhone pic last night. I also wanted to share a fuzzy one from earlier that shows the "WARP RED" palette compared to "Moonlight Red" and just regular "Moonlight Legion" palettes.


  1. O yeah - Chaide is looking good!
    Love the Cairn Wraith mini it's so dynamic yet simple.
    Was there a mention many moons ago of the Mirror Master having actual mirrors incorporated?

  2. Chaide looks so cool! Such a simple conversion, but so great and intense! Wow! :D

  3. The Mirror Master and the idea of adding real mirrors sounds intruiging. But also pretty tricky. Seeing yourself - or your living room - in the model would ruin the idea of him being part of the dystopian, gothic world of 40K.

    Chaide looks stunning. Simple and effective!


  4. For the mirror, I am indeed considering real mirrors, but with a twist... and not on him. All will be revealed ;)