Tuesday 6 November 2012

Red Storme Riseth - trailer


+++_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ -  _ _ _...+++

...access granted...

+++DATE M 42 - detail hidden+++

=== Recipient: _ _ _ _ _  & Lord Demo, Ordos Terran, Ordo Malleus ===
+++ Inquisitors: Lord Demo, Riekens, Von Mendell,  Rybikov (Late) +++
+++ Condensed Notes : Excommunicate Traitoris A435B_HDM +++
+++ Hereticus Diabolica Majoris: Silas Alban, Inquisitor +++

Spirit of noxious immateria, be gone from hence, for as the Emperor of Mankind, manifold be his blessings, watches over me, so I will not fear the shadow of the warp

Of Heinous heresies, thrice damned, Alban Silas, rogue Inquisitor. 

Targets “Red Kraken, Red Rat and Red Raven.”

My Lords,

Penned and attached is a detailed report of the operation as the third anniversary of our task dawns. 

Today we caught and exterminated “Red Raven”  at a cost of Brother Stermon, Chapter 666, most of Kill Team Fleshborer, Inquisitor Rybikov and Interrogator Junger . May the Emperor bless them. It appears there might be two of them, but we definitely killed this one and have the remains stasis shielded and in transit. It is a peculiar thing. Target “Meatloaf”, (see datasheet attached, and thus named), is believed to have been killed too. Apart from significant tissue and liquid collect (estimate 8% of body mass), no body was recovered however. 

Full report is being drafted, but I thought you should know of the feat and some fresh disturbing findings.

We have a reason to believe “Red Raven” was being hunted, assisted, or someway aligned by an unidentified Xenos element. It seems they left us a message. A card not entirely dissimilar to those in the Tarot Deck. Two sage’s have died processing the information. The most accurate translation we have managed to put together is: “He who walks with daemons, now masters the anathema. The Immateria incarnate, the key between realms”. See the pictograms. Be advised, the symbols cause severe nausea and risk of cardiac arrest. (according to sage 1 & 2, on scene post mortems)

We think we have a tail on “Red Rat”. Target yield probability 87%. We are tracking three prospective targets, with Kill Teams on stand by (on the scene) and the 666th element in transit.

I am asking for urgent Officio Assassinorum dispatch. Both Culeux and Callidus Temples. Your immediate support is greatly appreciated and requested.

Several new leads and alignments have been grouped under a new majoris target named “Red Seer”. Interrogators Levenson and Bache are on it, with several assets from my team and your militia.

I would bet my mansion there will be an exterminatus severe incident within months. If the sick freak really has an anathema that incident could happen anywhere. Indeed, we have drawn blank for 8 months now on his where about. Last sighting is still on Reef C779, attached for your convenience) 

When can we meet?


Riekens & Marco