Saturday 17 November 2012

Bad in progress.

The legion project I've pretty much painted without a single highlighting step. So taking those learnings and adding to it the new freedom of not being under the Rhisienne twin moons. These pics show how I need to drive the warp and the red on the whole gang. A challenge I would not have had I not gone so crazy with the Inquisitor.

I am actually very close to finished at the time of writing this, but pics will have to wait until daylight tomorrow. These two I took earlier.

The dynamic of the Gang is taking shape too. Notice the hint in posing of Silas puppeteering his two priced toys. Yet to figure out where exactly I will go with the group dynamic. So many interesting things in flight just now.

after this photo, 75% of the work has been getting the red in to the scheme. Hat, armor, axe...

Group, final team size to be decided


  1. Borsus look really good, you can see the warp-flavoured red in his skin - the yellow/black check pattern around the gun shroud are fantastic.
    The group shot is definitely intimidating!

  2. The skin of Borso looks as if a raincloud just passed over him. Very promising. And from the look of it a very effective way to do trustworthy skin. I hope you manage to keep some of that ambience in the finished model. Will fit right in next to Silas.

    The Chaide is still wonderful. The concept of the Mirror Master really inspiring!

  3. very impressive conversions, and the paint looks so surreal. looking forward to seeing the whole team finished.

  4. I'm so happy to see that you're on a roll again. Looks very inspiring!