Sunday 25 November 2012

+ Pariah + (WARNING, spoilers!)

Oh my Emperor.

What a book, what a tease, what a finish, and how perfectly can something fit the storyline I have had brewing for my XX Legion project.

I had such huge expectations for this one, and despite the great buildup, bunch of amazing character concepts and hints of all the things you'd expect, I was somewhat worried up to the point when they meet Teke, of the Children. Unbelievable depiction of the traitor marine.

And everything rises to new levels. The build up comes together to a massively juicy dilemma for Alizabeth, and stakes beyond any previous Blacklibrary storyline (bar Horus Heresy). And the old favorites are introduced in a finish for ages.

Oh wow!

There's so much history for me and the old fella...

And to now have the absolutely mouthwatering story line of one of Eisenhorn's specialists, Deathrow, revealed...

"I am Alpharius."

Fething amazing. OBVIOUSLY I need to do a fresh version of Gregor (already started) and a version of Deathrow (ordering bitz)... and how could I not do the rest of his small team. Stay tuned.


  1. I loved Pariah so much; pretty much for the same reasons you did! The (SPOILER ALERT) reveal that Deathrow was Alpha Legion gave me the biggest smile and also completely blew my mind at the same time.
    Can't wait to see you do a new version of Eisenhorns warband!

  2. Absolutely the same response. For most of the book I was blown away by the fact it had two Inquisitors, two separate factions of Chaos marines and the Cognitae all fighting over Bequin; but when the spoiler you mentioned happened I literally had to put it down I was so excited. I also can't wait to see your new version of Eisenhorn & company.

  3. Same here - I was holding my breath when Teke was shocked seeing the face revealed, my head was saying XX, and I read the few lines in trance and the grinning like an idiot with excitement when Deathrow introduced himself ;).

  4. Every hair on my body stood on end when I read that line.
    I knew that part was going to short your circuits.
    I made a great Eisenhorn out of the Inquisitor with Inferno pistol( the one that looks like gideon lorr.
    I am wathing very closely how you plan to do Deathrow,he has me stumped

  5. Hey Migsula great work on this GD entry !
    I am guessing right that Eisenhorn here started his miniature life as a necron ;) ?

    Could you post some WIP shot to this squad ?

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