Wednesday 21 November 2012

+ Alban Silas, Sister Valencia & Borus a.k.a. Meatloaf +

All three finished, and the solution & background for showcase pictures was staring me all along...

Here goes - feedback most appreciated!


  1. Stunning work, Migs. I've been really enjoying your upsurge in productivity on the blog. The reds of Silas are a marvel, especially when complemented by the deeper hues on Valencia. Really great work.

  2. Migs - the reds on Valencia are amazing - the legging and gloves, and that skirt, especially the back, just gorgeous.
    The red palette tying this band together is creating a menacing mood - very interested to see Chaide and the Mirror Master in colour.

    The Inquisitor face-off pic is awesome.

    Great work as always.

  3. Thank you for your kind words gentlemen! Much appreciated. The "Surge" is courtesy of thanksgiving brake from work, being so inspired by Pariah and the Ratpack duo.

    Having put quite a bit of effort on the photos, getting the feedback is a great return :)

    I think Chaide Pelicanne is next...

  4. I love them though small criticism they seem to washed put in the group shot. I suspect you may need to adjust your white balance as they are so light makes it difficult for the camera when you have multiple whites.

  5. Of course the desk should be the backdrop for display shots :)

    I have said it before but will happily say it again: Your new way of working and progressing is wonderful - and very evident in your new stuff. Maybe I am coloured by my own way of seeing things, but in the lack of better words: Weathery (not weathering - thats something completely different).

    Very inspiring Migsula.

    Meatloaf? Now I cant get the image of him singing 'I would do anything for looooove' out of my head!

  6. I love how your work lately is very Blachesque.
    I would love to see that technique in action I always loved the painterly Blanche style.

  7. Thank you guys.

    Minitrol - it's mostly the extremely short depth of field of my new and awesome macrolense...and that is to say, mostly me as I figure it out. These pictures are very color correct on a retina macbook, the first time I've managed that taking photos of red models.

    FPOA - yup, pushing the envelope to paint with emotion, while using tiny detail in the models to show it is not a decision I pursue due to lack of skill, but a genuine belief it looks better. Legion project was and is about water painterly, pale elegance, while this one is more textured, brash and Blanchian for a lack of better term to try an capture some of John's brilliance.

    Will - thanks mate :)

  8. Migs mate the red in Borus' armour makes him for me. The red on his axe too for that matter. Lovely stuff, worth the wait.

    The variety of reds you have achieved with this group astounds me.

    The checkers on the weaponry are so precisely done. Great stuff

    I really hope you find a like minded individual over your way to play some Inquisitor games between Silas and Haag's retinues and that you take loads of photos for us to enjoy.


  9. I'm extremely intrigued by the primed character in the top hat in the background--that looks awesome in a =N= context.