Thursday 29 November 2012

Chaide Pelicanne, Mirror Master and Caretaker Tobias, with a cool link!

PIP - I've been stealing small moments of time to paint these characters and having hell of a time. There will be delicious little sub themes and pairings in the Retinue. Chaide will hunt with Valencia. Valencia actually has two of his feathers on her hair for you keen eyed followers.

Mirror Master will have two minders, first whom I tried to be as "normal" as one can be in this retinue. Sense of normality, in scale and equipment is very important when everyone else is so unique and a tad over the top. Both the master and minder have very wicked faces and a success with the eyes in particular.

I should have all three of these finished in a week or so.

One of the secrets of my late surge in production is the now fully functioning, desk of my dreams. I have everything there, ready to go for a 10 minute session if need be, and need no cleaning, other than closing a drawer or two :)

The fact that the whole table and setup oozes what the hobby is all about for me makes getting in the right mood very easy. I'm surrounded by hand picked objects that are all about good design, and great craftsmanship or a nostalgic form of industrial production.

The Fact that my current projects grow on the top is a great motivator, and I can pull them down for reference in seconds. I highly recommend you make the effort to create the right desk setup for yourself. And if you are serious about producing beautiful models, art, work... then it would be plain wrong if beauty isn't a key driver for the desk.


Sometimes I find something so damn cool and gothic, that it just makes me want to raise the quality of my own work and produce. I've known Cedric's work for what must be close to a decade now. We've both grown from enthusiastic converters to "artists" with a very distinct approach and ambition.

This thing right here is so damn cool... fits what I had in mind for the "good" continent of the trilogy very well. (In spirit, not in object)

Ministorum Walker


  1. Really excited to see these guys finished and displayed in their colourful glory. That walker is truly gothic! Looks a bit 'unbalanced' some how though...?

    That desk is a true beauty and I can see how your setup instantly inspires you. Must ask though, that giant stubby pencil looks kinda out of place amidst everything else. How did it find it way onto the display shelf?

    And just one more thing...if you would be so kind as to divulge what books you have hidden away and in plain sight. From which one/two/three,etc do you draw the most inspiration?

  2. Of the books on that desk (Ravenor the Omnibus, Warhammer 40K Rulebook, Emperors Will, Inquisitor Rulebook, Horus Heresy artbooks, among others) it is the beautiful Moleskin sketchbook on the left I would love to dig into myself ;)

    Wonderful, wonderful desk Migs.

    I love how the domes creates those light- and mirroreffects. Makes Valencia and the Marines look almost ethereal!

  3. The stubby pencil is waiting for a bookself, until we find the perfect one. It's a professional award and has no place in this space really.

    I have both Eisenhorn and Ravenor Omnibuses, the Legion heresy book, the original Inquisitor rule book and Blanche's Inquisitor sketch book on the desk and those five are where I draw most of my inspiration. Currently the 2nd edition Sisters of Battle and 3rd edition Daemon and Witch Hunter codexes are also on the desk.

    I do swap things every now and then.

    1. I feel really bad bout calling your (I'm sure highly deserved) award, a stubby pencil. Please accept my apology.
      Thanks so much for the list. I too am lucky enough to have found and original copy of the inquisitor rulebook. Quite a few years back now. It is one beautifully done masterpiece.
      I assume the Horus Heresy artwork books are mainly dominate by astartes, but do they have enough other imperials to make it worth the while for inspiration of non astartes?

    2. Don't! The whole point of the award is that it is a stubby pencil :)

      I'm old enough to have bought the book together with the starting "pair" of minis when it came out. Me and two of my friends, all got the book and different starting combo. I remember those days very fondly!

      The HH art books have a fair bit of interesting Adeptus Mechanicus, Custodes, Sisters of Silence etc. stuff too.

  4. I agree - can't wait to see this retinue in colour - exceptional modelling as always.

    Eisenhorn, Ravenor, Legion... I would love to see JB's Inquisitor sketchbook - lately I've been staring at Blanchitsu in WD a lot...

    Your desk is beautiful and (as you say) perfect... but that chair!

  5. Been thinking you are going to need a GD Enforcer for Deathrow the perfect hound and the enforcers head is the perfect Eisenhorns head

    1. What's the GD Enforcer you refer to?

    2. He is referring to this model:
      The Forge World Event Only Model 2012. :)

      As always great and inspiring work.
      Have been considering to stop all work on my 40k army and focus on single miniatures instead.

  6. Is that a DnAD award?

    Love the new work, personally I would always like to see them in colour though.

    Out of interest what are the glass jars you have your models in from?

  7. A beautiful roll top desk/bureau...

    That's been my furniture holy grail for many, many years...

    Gods!!! making me think about it, it must be coming up to nearly two decades since I fell in love with the idea of owning one...


    One day...

    Also... Thank you for the link, more beautiful inspiring pieces are much appreciated.