Wednesday 21 September 2011

Weapon Smith Borsus - only detail work and cleaning left!

 Final decisions to make, what goes into the right arm.

1. A revolver for anyone/anything getting too close. The other weapon is like a full auto rocket launcher launcher with flux-core payload, lethal to the wielder if the guy is in the same room. I like the idea of two guns

2. A short sword from GK Termies look ace on him too - really works with his physique and "butcher look.

Otherwise, some cleaning in on the gs, a few spikes and small detail on the shoulder guard, two purity seals and that weapon choice.

I am very pleased with this model - big part is the paint job, which I can already see in my head. (Jury is still out for Valencia and Alter Daemon for example) But the base is the best I've ever done. Such a simple thing really, the end of the pipe, but with a small touch of vallejo sandy paste and the right paint job, it'll be the icing on the cake - well the rust under the fat? I've developed a great method of splintering the plastic bits I use which creates a perfect edge for the basing. Or "perfect" in terms of what I am after.

Here be pics. I've decided all the WIP pics come out of the iPhone now, and all the finished work from the Lumix G3 when I get it. Ease and strength of communication really, less photoshop work.

And one more of Alben, with the iPhone, range of red missing a bit, but more accurate hue than in previous pics!


  1. Sweet Hesus! This guy is some mean mother!! Put the 6shooter in the righty 'cause this guy needs ALL the firepower!!!

  2. Wow! Borsus looks so f**king great! I think, a big, fat Hellboy-style revolver would look great for him. Big, fat gun for a big, fat guy! :D

  3. most impressed am i - quite inspirational

  4. Wow - that's really looking good. Can't wait to see it painted.

  5. Excellent work on the big guy. Might have to pick up one of these new Nurgle lord kits myself, looks like an excellent character kit once again!

    I'd love to know more about this "great method of splintering the plastic bits" though. ;)

  6. Great work on the Weaponsmith. Not keen on the huge round bag on his belt but that's just me ;)

  7. Absolutely brilliant, far out!

    Amongst all this amazement however is an unanswered question: what is your process when coming up with this stuff? Do you start with a sketch and then apply real parts to the idea, or do you just tinker until it looks right?

  8. @Pfreck, this only works with the denser, less bendy 1:35 military kit plastic I use for basing: I make small controlled cuts with Tamya side cutters (great edge!!) and then bend until it breaks. I've only now learned to control the tear to my liking. Trial and error. The part here is from a Merkava Turret.

    @Ludovic, rocket belt inside

    @Phiq -I think I have to write about the process properly soon. It's a good question. I start with identity. Strength of character and great differentiation to the starting point are key drivers. I design everything in my head before going at it, but then let each added part alter that to unexpected directions. I can ponder details for hours. I don't want to sketch or write down anything. My day job is industrial design, so with the hobby I tend to just dream up characters and then convert them. I want to avoid tools and methods I use during the day.

    I have a photographic memory, so I remember pretty much every part I see or have in the box, so that also lessens the need for sketching.

  9. Holy crap! Totally different on how I imagine you would do it, but very cool nonetheless! Add some details to that blue bit of the gun perhaps?

  10. Yeah! He looks great Migs. Really brilliant use of parts, there - I would never have thought of using the GK head with that body, it's excellent.

    I'm drawn to the idea of the gun, as I think it'd look cool, but I think (from what you've said of the character) the sword would fit slightly better. I can imagine him kneecapping opponents with a pistol, but then, he looks like the kind of guy who would use his grenade launcher at point-blank range (which could explain some of his own scarred and sore skin) and then stab at any bits left moving :)

    Oh, I see that you took my witterings about JB's miniature cases to heart the other day and have had Tom Ford build you a box. Very nice. ;)

  11. @Malika, I need the flatness for painting. It will be perfect for adding heat and propellant residue weathering :)

    @Fulgrim Thanks, yeah, how kind of Tom, eh ;)

    @ everyone...

    In the end I went with an "executioners" style axe. Works just so well with his skull cap hat and =I= feel. It's a nice reference to the original model too.

    Inspired by John's photo and some I took 6 or 7 years ago at school when I had the facilities made me consider and I intend to redesign my entire way of mini photography and develop two distinct languages, one for wipe, one for showcase. More of that later.

  12. Migs, how tall is the Nurgle Lord?

  13. I went and changed in to attire more fitting to this blog.

    He is tall. More than a head taller than a GW marine.

  14. Snazzy outfit, there, Migs.

    Thanks - I hoped so, I went and ordered him anyway.

  15. just built his twin - only using bits i had as well - im going to try long flowing torn robes to emulate the monk thing as he reminds me of fryer tuck ......

  16. Nice! First visit to your blog- you've got a new fan

  17. J.B. Yeah, there's a real monk-ish wife with the model. I genuinely thrifts to paint him right now, but alas, that'll have to wait a few months ;)

    Deathkorps - welcome!

  18. I'll have to make one of these myself as well.
    Probably using the same head, but with a plasma cannon instead.