Saturday 10 September 2011

Pimp my wizard finished

I'm quite happy with the model but very disappointed with my camera's ability to photograph red. It's been unlike any previous hobby project+photo taking. I think those of you who've followed my work for a bit, know for a fact this tirade is very rare. Getting excited and achieving a red with so much variation (like the blue of the Legion marines really) with out it looking pink or orange anywhere, and then utter frustration trying to take photos.

I was also very happy with the face and eyes and how they visually strongly connect to his smoldering fingers. But yeah... the pic... anyway.

In fact it has been frustrating to the extent that I won't continue with the retinue until getting a proper camera, and am instead starting on the Twist Tusk, as I picked up the Thunder Tusk kit today.

Here's Lord Alben Silas, Inquisitor, Ordos Terra, Ordo Malleus.


  1. Crap picture or not he still looks excellent.

    Do you have a picture of his back by any chance?

  2. I think he looks great, too, Migs - you can see that the contrast on the red isn't right (in the photo), but it doesn't detract completely from the excellent conversion, and the rest of the miniature looks superb. It'd be a shame to lose momentum on the rest of warband, the ideas for them are really promising, and Silas and Valencia look so good.

    This is probably a stupid question, as I'm sure you'd have tried everything, but did you try and photograph him on a black or dark green background? Sometimes that helps with reds. Although you're probably right, it'll be due to the way that cameras understand reds.

  3. Is your camera a Canon? If so, they're known to be a bit weak capturing reds. There's always Photoshop for the tweaking too.

    The model still looks fantastic though, and his armour looks nice and heavy. Really well done.

  4. yeah hes cool - dam fine bit of conversion work that ......

  5. Absolutly great and damned cool! :D

  6. Thanks for your very kind words and commentary.
    After september, I will buy the best available camera, and take quality shots on varied background and varied lighting, also from the back. Now I rather smash my camera than take it out again. (which would not be fair as it has worked wonders for all the non red stuff, so everything else I've done.

    The plan was to make him almost knightly, very religious, like a priest of sorts, and only in the face and eyes you see evil and hint of corruption. The Rest of the gang are then like devils on "his shoulder", with Valencia representing salvation (or rather, mercy).

  7. Lord Alben Silas is great, brilliantly converted and painted - the blood running from the chalice at his belt is such an intricate detail, and the robe and icon are beautiful.

    Looking forward to your take on the Thundertusk, and more Legion!

  8. The model almost doesn't look like something from GW anymore. I mean, it does have the 40k feel, but the painting and some aspects of the model itself seem more like something done by those French modelling/painting companies. Very cool!

  9. Hi Migs
    I've been a big fan of your work for a long time, so happy I can follow you on your blog! I have a quick question - the minis head, what is it converted from? I'm loving the small vent, planning on using something similar for some mechanicus conversions.

  10. Amazing work on both Silas and Valencia. The Pimp My Wizard thread in general, and your contributions to it in specific, have inspired me to get off my hump and work on my own Inquisimunda models. I've had too many ideas floating around for a while, and thanks to you I now have the motivation to get them put together.

  11. The head is from a Woodelf Rider, with a converted mask - the vent is actually from a chainsword.

    I did some more work on the model, glazed the text (it looks so crude as it's built from the red and all the range disappears in the photo, but this crudeness made me want to make it better :/ ) and darkened the hammer to a dark crimson shade with darker metal, to make the Palette more restrained and the green to pop even more.

    ... Really worth the extra 15min.

    Thanks for feedback.