Monday, 5 September 2011

Buzz of activity and excitement.

Dear All,

We are legionne!

The start of this blog has been a fantastic experience and I would like to thank everyone reading. I could not be happier of the ongoing discussions, both in terms of quantity and quality! Thanks in particular to J.B., Malika and Fulgrim. I would also like to thank for the very kind words received here and at some great hobby blogs who've shared this one to their readers.

Take this great blog for an example: Tears of Envy

It seems ilk it was a good idea to come out from the confines of dakkadakka for a change. Speaking of Dakka, this weekend is the deadline for the Pimp My Wizard invitational ran my PDH and Bai, so I will have some pics for you. I've yet to conquer taking good pics of red though, but lets see how it goes.

On personal side it's been an adventure of a life time and we are moving to San Francisco because of my work. The coming months will be extremely busy, so bare with me.


I've taken the opportunity to share a pic from my latest trip to San Francisco. Odd inspiration perhaps, but this blog is odd, and the hobby is odd - odd in a good way. This is how I want my tomatoes to look. Look at the variety and character, the colors and size. It's all organic too. Our life is becoming so dictated by standards and models forced upon you, that it's increasingly important to celebrate tomatoes!


  1. Notice all of the variations in shape, size and colour. Supermarkets these days employ self-imposed "standards" onto fruit and vegetables, meaning that loads of fruit and veg that may be a little too small, or even big, gets thrown away. Wasted. It's criminal, especially when so many people in the world are starving. As the photo above proves, there is nothing wrong with the diversity nature provides. Organic is great, and tastes better too!

    Btw, love your work ;-)

  2. I'm honoured, thanks very much. Good luck with the move, it's going to be a crazy end to the year.

  3. odd to talk about fruit and veg - but i have an organic farm box with such wears each week - its gnarled and mishapen but tastes fantastic - meats are bought from a local farm shop local organic meats and they all taste brilliant - yup good move away from dakka for me as there is so much GW hate and uninformed sniping going on there - mi comments here are confined to i love of art and miniatures and not related to what i do professionally or any GW related matters - thx ... god luck with move and new job .....

  4. I was in Romania a couple of weeks ago, enjoying the countryside there. Damn, I miss real fruits and vegetables. The stuff in the supermarket is all rather fake, but pretty looking and with no flavour at all. Quite sad.

    A good diet is important for a good hobbyist! :P

  5. Hey Migs, congratulations on the move to San Francisco! But what does this mean for the new =I=munda campaign? Are you moving to San Fran soon or does it take at least some months?

    Bummer, now it'll be even more difficult to visit you some time, haha!

    Oh BTW, a little shameless plug but I started a new blog as well. It'll be mostly for my Golden Demon entry for next year, but also =I=munda and my Chaos Renegade Militia for Warhammer 40K. :)

  6. We are moving by the end of the month :) So quite soon.

    My other dear hobby is cooking and it'll be awesome to be shopping from Whole Foods and to have the farmers market with local organic produce a few blocks away every saturday :)