Monday 26 September 2011

Close to go - quick update

Everything is packed and shipped. I will be divorced from my paints for 7-10 weeks, and only have my small bitzbox, some gs, a knife and cutters and plenty of enthusiasm until then. So there will be a dip in productivity, but come Xmas, I hope I can make up for that.

Borsus is primed. I talked with PDH about the models. He's done an awesome conversion too, which I hope I can share when both of our models are finished. We both feel genuinely giddy about these conversions and characters we've created. It is simply such a great model to work on.

With the primer on, the whole conversion just becomes a model of it's own already. Not just an assortment of bits.

Lets see if I can finish building Lord Inquisitor Coster or Rhisienne this week and share some pics.


  1. good luck with the move - look forward to new stuff when it arrives - thx for the inspiration ......

  2. Good, you have packed the converter's survivalist pack, good for you. Travel safe.

  3. Keep us inspired man! Don't keep us unupdated for too long.

    Oh, and thanks for inspiring me to start my own blog. I'll try to keep it updated regularly! :)

  4. Best of luck with the move, Migs!

  5. Cheers :)

    Yesterday I bought a second Nurgle guy who will end up as a chrono gladiator like the first one was supposed to and a second Necromancer, who's lover half will go underneath a banisher body. I need to pick up some Chaos Warrior legs for the Inquisitor from my stash at my Granny's attic.

    I should then be well set for the journey and temporary housing.

  6. By the God Emperor, Migs - even when moving continents you still manage to do more than me! You put us all to shame.

  7. just finished assembling the bits of nurgii lordde just need to sculpt in the gaps - look forward to seeing mr migs borsus primed - just caught up with mr dantes blog and had a look at the pdh conversion to - so now hjow do i stop being inspired bi you lot - i shall just go back into hiding methinks .....

  8. Hi Migsula, didn't know you also had just started a blog :) Always inspiring.

    I'm also going to change countries this year and I'm already preparing a hobby portable emergency kit ehehe Best of luck in your voyage, I will be following your blog.