Sunday, 25 September 2011

Game time!

Years ago I was a fairly decent 40k player, finishing in the top 10 of the UK GT final (so first through the heats). I love gaming, but the scene here in Finland got so math-hammery and non inspirational in minis that I stopped going to tournaments. I am very soon moving to SFO and have heard so much good about Bay Area gaming, that I want to get back into playing. I really miss it too. Besides, the Army deserves some action. 

What I've always admired is armies that are a little different, are not copy pasted from others, have a lot of personality and variation, and do well in large part because of the player. I also really like forces that have combat modifiers, abilities and tactics that stem from certain heroes making others around them better and more efficient or units that need to be used together. I see this more realistic, more fun and more inspirational than her hammer. I've only managed a dozen games of 5th edition when it came out though, so I would really appreciate if those of you who do play regularly would help me fine tune this lot into match shape and offer some tactical tips. (how would you set up, what lists will be most trouble, least trouble, etc) 

The Grey Knights look like an awesome mid-range army, and a lot of 5th seem to reward that type of forces. They are active on each of the game play phases, another "must" for me when choosing what to play with. I don't have so many Grey Knights though, and won't make more than ten, as my process of creating a marine miniature is just so time consuming. Additionally I want them to look like and rock like Marines should. So God Warriors amongst men. The Grey Knight codex is a fantastic premise for that. 

I intend to use this blog to also report about the gaming journey as I build, fine tune and then possible go to a big tournament again sometime in the future.

Our tiny little =I=munda / 40k group is tiny, 4 members, one of whom has been MIA for years, and very international. I was in London for 2 years, Northen is now in Kioto for 2 years, and next week I am moving to the USA for who knows how many years. That leaves Hammer, who needs to do some traveling I think ;)

And despite all of this recent converting action, the gaming and narrative fix with a bunch of good guys is really missing. Like I said, The Grey Knight Codex has been a welcome instrument and lately I've been playing with a list to build towards. I get to use pretty much everything I've built thus far and once a suitable group is built, some relaxed house rules might follow.

With the move ahead, I organized my miniature stuff, model, tools, paints etc. ready... and an accident occurred. I am mid way another  Inquisitor... Gotta put the creative urge somewhere with the day job missing for a few more weeks... This will be my count as Coteaz for Legion project, so not part of the trilogy.

This one is the most converted of all of the =I=s I've done. I am at 32 parts at the moment, with the lower half entirely missing. I attached a pic of some of the parts. There will be GS on them and a very striking two tone paint job. Again I seem to have a clear image in my head, lets see what comes out of it.

But first the Army list!

XX Legion / Rhisienne, M42 
(total models #  total points: 1983)  
Alpha Strike Group
Lord Coster, Cabal Emissary  (count as Inquisitor Coteaz #1 pts:100) 
  • Articifier armour, bolt pistol, master-crafted nemesis annihilator mace, frag / krak / psyk - grenades, aether spirit (owl)
  • Independent character, I’ve been expecting you, Psyker (level 2), spy-network, stubborn.
  • dark excommunication, hammerhand, sanctuary, “Ambassador of Rhisienne”
Leonard Delel, Rogue Trader  (count as Ordo Xenos Inquisitor #1 pts: 53) 
  • bolt pistol, power sword, RAD / frag / krak / psyk - grenades, cherub (servo skull)
  • Independent character, stubborn.
Legionnaires, Squad Ventorn (count as purifier squad #10 pts: 295)
  • power armour, storm bolter, frag / krak / psyk - grenades
  • 5 Falxes (Nemesis Halberds)
  • 1 Nemesis Thunder Hammer
  • 4 Psycannons
  • hammerhand, breath of the hydra
  • the aegis, brotherhood of the cabal, combat squads, fearless, preferred enemy (daemons)
Rhino IFV (#1 pts:40)
  • storm bolter, smoke launchers
  • fortitude
Master Diyon, Hero of the Chapter  (#1 venerable dreadnought pts:200)
  • Assault cannon with flux-core ammo, Heavy flamer
  • Venerable, the aegis, preffered enemy, psychic pilot, reinforced aegis, fortitude
Fabricator Captain Siimon (count as techmarine #1 pts: 109pts)
  • Artificier armour, servo-harness boltgun, power weapon, RAD / frag / krak / psyk - grenades, 3 servoskulls
  • The aegis, atsknf, blessing of the Omnissiah, Bolster defences, independent character, preferred enemy daemons, psyker (level 1), hammerhand, reconstruction
“The Spades” of Raging Bulldons (count as henchmen warband #10 pts:70)
  • 10 warrior acolytes including Grenadier Sgt. “Rudger”
  • 3 meltaguns
Rh PDF Chimera APC (#1 pts:56)
  • multi laser & heavy flamer, smoke
  • searchlight
  • amphibious, command vehicle
XX desert operations & Dune Twists (count as henchmen warband #10 pts:70pts)
  • 3 warrior acolytes w. Plasma guns
  • 7 warrior acolytes 
Rh PDF Chimera APC (#1 pts:56)
  • multi laser & heavy flamer, smoke
  • searchlight
  • amphibious, command vehicle
Imperial Minerals combat team & Fabricator Captain Siimon (count as henchmen warband #12 pts: 112pts)
  • 11 Skitari with storm bolters 
  • Technomage (jokaero trained)
Rh PDF Chimera APC (#1 pts:56)
  • multi laser & heavy flamer, smoke
  • searchlight
  • amphibious, command vehicle
Formicarius (count as henchmen warband #6 pts: 90)
  • 5 Death cult assassins
  • Banisher, Aura of faith, preferred enemy Daemons
Semmoth Heth, Kroot pack (count as henchmen warband #10 pts: 75)
  • 5 Death cult assassins
Storm Viper Gunship  (#1 storm raven pts:205)
  • twin lascannons and multi-meltas, four mindstrike missiles, ceramite plating
  • the aegis, deep strike, psychic pilot, power of the machine spirit, assault vehicle, shadow skies, fortitude
Imperial Minerals Skitari Cyclops, Mars Pattern (#1 rifleman dreadnought pts:136)
  • Dual twinspeed autolaunchers, with flux-core rockets
  • smoke, searchlight
  • the aegis, preffered enemy, psychic pilot, reinforced aegis, fortitude
The Bade of Laerna Land Raider  (#1 Land Raider Redeemer pts:260)
  • two flamestorm cannons, twin-linked assault cannon with flux-core ammo, multi-melta, frag assault launchers, smoke
  • the aegis, psychic pilot, power of the machine spirit, assault vehicle, fortitude

And a quick look into my bits box, one of the dozens compartments with assorted stuff for future 40k personalities. 


  1. I'm so looking forward to this.
    Me and a friend are both doung similar armies as well, planning to premiere them 2012 at easter, in Sweden's largest tournament.

  2. The list looks good. Accidentaly I also just took a part in a discussion about Finnsih tournament scene with the same problems. There is now a registered gaming association in Helsinki who are quite open for new ideas, so hopefully things can change.

    I also got inspired on doing something with the grey knights. I have a chaos cultist gang for Necromunda that I'm planning to expand into a proper army. (With inspiration from your Rhisenne thread in dakka, and also from Speedfreeks witch hunters, thanks.) And actually the armylist is quite similar with yours. I put it to sotavasara recently if you want to check it out.

  3. Excellent, I want to see both of your armies really bad!

    Also I have set myself a similar timeframe, though I still need to find a suitable tournament as the all powerful deadline factor :)

  4. You could come to Sweden and participate in our tournaments!

  5. GothCon is the largest one, in the easter holiday, and one of the most well regarded as well. and in's forum has "all" info on upcoming tournaments etcetera. In swedish of course...