Monday 1 December 2014

Vlka Fenryka - Recharged and the Emperor's Gift

Apologies for missing one monday update. It was time for a holiday, some sun, swimming and sleep. The batteries are fully charged now and there is a lot to discuss.

Firstly, I read the Emperor's Gift by Debmski-Bowden. Thanks for the recommendation Kampfrogt. It's a sort of must read for anyone serious about the subject matter of Grey Knights, Inquisition and the Wolves. I would assume most of the readers of this blog. Not his best book, but immensely bold, entertaining and ambitious. It renders the differences in the three organizations in a very Gothic fashion.

I would love to talk about the book after more of you have read it.

Secondly I've made progress and have two new Sky Warriors built and in primary colors together with the bone surgeons. I've attached a quick picture of them after Airbrush work. The whole affair still feels like a glorious form of cheating - so fast and such amazing effect that after all the bush work is completely hidden, yet lends an aura of light and shadow and speed I absolutely adore.

With one of the two Wolf Guard, I did the first genuine mistake in the project, and didn't realize he is based on the smallest (of the massive) Vorbak models, and unlike of of his friends thus far, is the only model on a completely flat base, which calls the difference out more than anything else. I will have to  live with this minor thing and hope it blends in the army as he is still a giant compared to the humans to come and regular Citadel Marines.

On the conversion front, things are taking a turn for crazy. I didn't exactly think I'd be going this bonkers with the new models. Getting serious on a few Iron Priests and their Thralls, and will be hard to finish painting models first. I've got a cool idea for Long Fangs, a very characterful Ship Captain with silly gothic retinue to fly the Company Strike Cruiser and am overloading the bit box with different model concepts. Are Adeptus Astartes ships flown by Imperial Navy captains like the Grey Knight ships?) If not, that Captain will turn for rogue trading and the Solar Auxilia will be his very fitting personal militia.

Finally I am really getting into Christmas mood, listening to Bing Crosby as I write this, and waiting for Santa's Forge World delivery. The Christmas holiday will hopefully provide a few extra hours of model making.


  1. You have some neat models coming together there! It is particularly exciting to see more Space Wolves constructed out of non-Primarch models. While the one does look a bit smaller, it does not look too bad from this angle, although more pictures would help though. I cannot wait to see them completed, with more images to better appreciate the conversion work. It does look like you did a nice job distancing them from the Gal Vorbak models. I think the bone surgeons are the stars of the show however, so eccentric and creepy looking, with the scissor-hand, blades, and bestial skulls. The one based off the plastic wraith is my favorite, so alien and unnerving!

  2. Haha, sun and swimming indeed! Here it's getting the snowmobile ready and getting the winter gear prepped.

    Anyway! ;)

    Regarding basing I don't think it'll matter much in the big picture as having variety in basing seldom is negative. Also the fluff always tell of huge size differences among the astartes. In that regard. Wouldn't it be funny with a really wide and bulky wolf as in that Ragnar book when he's on Terra?

    The stuff you're planning sounds great as well.

  3. Thanks for the update on your project! It is always exciting to see your conversion work.

    I don't think I would worry too much about the marine that is a little smaller in size. To me it sort of portrays an aspect rarely seen in marine armies. It does not really make sense that all Space Marines would be the same in stature. Some will be larger and others smaller. Each marine is an individual.

    I can't wait to see more pictures!

  4. That floating robed skull is just creepy! Nice progress, even with a minor flaw. As you reason yourself, just move on and make him work as a model in the army. He will fit the bigger picture no doubt. Need to have a look at those Forge World Chaos dudes myself at some point.

  5. Thanks guys! All around good advice. I think the marine is completely fine and will still look like a hulking monster next to the humans. Just a tad disappointed I put him on the flat base and the big guy on sculpted one - but then his pose dictated that. Yesterday I looked at them with the finished models and they both look totally fine :) Trying to find the time to get painting now. I realized I tend to start with the faces now.

  6. Space Marine fleets are not crewed by the Imperial Navy but rather the Chapter Serfs (

  7. I love the bone surgeons so much! I'm amused by your painting lazy Susan, for some reason, too :)

    I need to get painting my Auxilia before you do!

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