Wednesday 17 December 2014

Vlka Fenryka - almost there with two more, and plans.

Thought I must say something. I'm 99% there with the two new Sky Warriors. A tricky banner proving more time consuming than thought. The balance of having enough resolution, but to really show wear and tear and gore and sweat has taken a lot of fine tuning.

These will bring it to grand total of 6 models, a 5 man wolf guard unit and a wolf lord with a thunder wolf.

I got my box of assembled Drop pods and Storm Wolves from Frontline gaming too, but have been too anxious to open it, after the preview shots showed a few gaps between parts. Regarding my hopes of attending the Las Vegas Open, one of their events, this will be a make or brake thing. To have a playable army in February is already crazy ambitious, but if I have the mother of all gap filling work outs ahead of me, it's game over.

Pictures hopefully coming soon and hoping Curze is here soon to kick start the next full squad of five.