Monday 4 November 2013

First 6th edition game - quick note: it was a blast!

It was an absolute blast and very educational. It took us 4 hours to get to midway turn three and we had to leave the game deliciously in balance. Pete was a great host and a brilliant guide to the changes in 6th ed.

And I wasn't getting tabled!

Many reasons to be happy. Finding good guys to play with, with great armies and total understanding of the spirit of the game. My army was a ton of fun to play with and I got some nice tweaking ahead and new units to make. Very much looking forward to more!

Should have some random pics for you later.


  1. I'm glad your first game of 6th edition went well. I don't play often myself but have found my games of 6th edition much more enjoyable than the comparable number of games I played in 5th. Looking forward to some in game photos of your wonderful models amidst terrain and their foes.

  2. Good news mate, I have found 6th much more fun too. Hope to see some "action" pics soon.