Monday 18 November 2013

Codex Inquisition - Everything you have been told is true - it's pretty crap.

Sad to say.

I was so excited about the prospect of even the tiniest new tweaks and art - and if the previous Inquisitor Codexes or the Inquisitor rule book were any indicator we were in for some real gems.

Nothing new, some very mediocre art, bad editing... What a missed opportunity. Going to see if I can get a refund.

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  1. From a gaming perspective I think giving 2/3 of the armies Divination, Rad Grenades etc. spells the end of assault armies in 6th. I wouldn't be so hasty to return it though, the rules themselves provide near endless opportunity to add flavour to a particular model, Inquisitor or not. Also, Kill Team games will never be the same. 10pt heavy bolter/multi-melta servitors? Yes please!

    1. We'll see... Servo-skulls alone will probably be a great counter for scout biker shangaians and help the old or new Guard Codex quite a bit.

  2. I feel you, mate. I was sooo disappointed after downloading it from the Black Library. Yes, it's got some nice rules, but in terms of depth it simply sucks. No other word for it. Nothing in it, fluff-wise, that couldn't be found in Codex: Grey Knights or in Specialist Games' free (!) Inquisitor material. A damn shame...

  3. Well, the new orders vere fun and new to me - I found the background section quite good.

    However the list with no new characters and no new henchmen options was a big letdown. I would have loved to see familars return, rogue traders, xenos bountyhunters, gunslingers, black ark operatives, mutie scum (and have some of them ordo specific - why would a daemonhunter have a jokaero in his retuine?) Not to mention a generic Inquisitor Lord option that isn't Coteaz...

    It's great having a stand alone inquisitor list that can be allied to any imperial force, but as it's basically the same list as in codex daemonhunters they could have just just released the new inquisitoral detachment in a WD article and have you chose them from the GK codex.
    My five cents

  4. The thing I found most disappointing was the distinct lack of shotguns for henchman. I wanted Arbites!

    A resurrection of the Imperial Agents list was what I was hoping for this with release.

  5. They could have put in a modicum of effort into this book and would have sold hundreds of pre-existing kits beyond the normal inquisition range as people picked up Xenos and Chaos kits to convert bounty hunters, freebootas, and mercenaries. Disappointing.

  6. Rules wise it is a good addition, outside of that its something that I think people had a bit too much faith in GW to pull out something half decent. Black Library would re-sell each word of a book if it made some extra money, its pretty shameful what they are releasing and calling "new content" lately.
    I am still excited by the rules options this gives people, Inquisitor leading Space marine and Imperial guard allies is something that the fluff has used and the rules could not bring to life. It basically allows up to 3 imperial armies in one force, so sisters of battle can now be used without taking up too much of your army etc.
    I'm happy it has been released, however like many this is not the Codex:Inquisitor that GW know they could of released with some more effort.
    I think the whole Chapter House ruling has caused its damage in terms of GW no longer writing rules for models they do not make and that's going to be something that some will see as a blessing and some as a curse.