Thursday 5 July 2012

We are Legion / One unit a month!

“Of the fabulous hydra it is said, cut off one head and two will grow in its place” - antique proverb

Prelude - Ten Millenia of Memories

Rhisinne, great equatorial plains, two years after the Heresy.

The utter silence tuned into a screaming crescendo smoothly like a curtain unveiled before the act.  Fourteen Chimera Personnel carriers sat on the dry ground, their cargo perfectly lined up in front of them. The Stormbird touched down briefly. Clouded in dust it rose again and took away the crescendo. Silence. The dust settled and revealed five figures, two giants in  midnight plate, a Het of the Geno Chiliad, a robed man and a frail, incredibly elegant character. A sharp clasp sprung as 166 Elite Geno Guard snapped into attention with near inhuman precision behind the General Governor, Geno 4-4.

The fate of the system was decided between this conclave, with only the desert as the witness. No written or other document would ever reference this event. The true rule was established and the trials of  Vipera were initiated. “The Tacit” an elite military formation was born that day, but their history makes no  mention of their forming, and verbal account does not cumulate in a unit of mouthless men.

We are Legion

They needed to find him and find him they did. Didn’t feel that way now, did it. It was fething cold, the humidity of the earlier thunder rains was whisked around by the brisk sea wind flowing through the forgotten docklands. The full moon cast a pale, icy glare that froze the shadows of the stand off. 
There he was, in rugged civilian clothes, armed with a brace of pistols, Sgt. Jargassor, whom all needed to find - the least of their concerns now. 

The entire hunt team had their retinas transfixed on the massive being next to him. A dozen weapons of different make pointed at him for what little difference it made. Standing two and a half meters, a god of war, clad in a huge suit of armor the color of night, the giant stared back, immoveable like a statue, yet radiating explosiveness like an unstable flux core reactor. 

The wind turned only to punctuate the stalemate.

‘I am Alpharius, We are Legion‘ The giant announced in a distinctive, flowing, silky, yet authoritarian voice.

A Band of Brothers

Rhisinne, great equatorial plains, 999.M41

Bone jarring grind engulfed the wadi, Wrath of Vulcan, a Storm Lord and two Baneblades: Steel Dancer and Equilibrium powered forward in triangle formation, followed by two companies of Leman Russ Vanquishers, tiny in comparison. The plain on both sides was a hell storm of fire and smoke, as the 2-2-1 Artillery blanketed the approach invisible. Forty-two Chimeras followed the main battle tanks into the wadi, carrying the 3-7 Renor Grenadiers.

In the huge border county hive, a squadron of Valkyrie screamed thorough perilous support beams and hab structures. On board squads of the Tacit sat in silence, meditating the battle plan. Each could feel the stream of data in their comm implants, as their rides banked from side to side to navigate the tight approach and avoid the intense flak. 

Sgt. Jurg of 3-7 double checked his watch, briefly revealing a hint of dark blue tattoo. A symbol bearing clear resemblance was also found on Colonel Rafs’ Chest, underneath the ballistic cloth that the Storm Lord crew wore to work. Comissar Grennel wore a signet ring with a snake around two crosses. Each and every one of the Tacit had a burn brand XX on their left pectoral muscle. Then there were the Stealth Cells, like Effrit, who wore much more developed and hidden brands.  All told, over a thousand men or women preparing for war, training and training were “Legion First”.

Rhisinne, Ultima Segementum  (following extract thought to be a current draft of Ordo Hereticus fact file: re: Rhisienne)

A bastion of Imperial might, Rhisinne, it’s twin guardian moons Vipera and Pythan and 3 satellite worlds Quntus (agri world), Renor (geo mineral worl) and Falkh (Cardinal World) together form an empire  of indomitable attrition against the fury of Maelstorm and the countless Xeno foe in the eastern Fringe. The System is gaining respect and referenced with the Likes of Abdus Prima and Gelt, even Ultramar, in productivity and model of Imperial Creed. 

Rhisienne’s illustrious history draws close to the annals of the Heresy and it’s aftermath, but the founding of the mythical and elusive Blades of Laerna (Gene Seed unknown) chapter in M36 chartered an age of growth and strength in the region. In particular the pacification of Xenos hostilities in the region was profound. 

The Adeptus Terra allow for considerable leeway in the dealings of planetary governing bodies, when the tithes are met and regiments raised. Rhisienne has been exemplary on both accounts, but the behavior, and in particular refusal of the Blades of Laerna to fight together with other Chapters, has warranted two Inquisitorial investigations on their conduct and position of power within the system. No conclusive findings have been made, but nor has anyone been allowed on the twin moon bases of the chapter. Four different Inquisitorial Conclaves have argued the issue. The Chapter seems to have a veto of sorts within the inner chambers of Ordos Ultima Segementum.  Not so with the Astartes. Infuriated Captain Sicarius of the Ultramarines, normally the image of calm and tact, has reported his apparent disgust at a Blades of Lerna veteran, who outrageously introduced himself as _Heretic Name Scourged off records_, before disappearing without trace during recent operations against the upstart Tau Empire. This is but one of several shows of disrespect and bravado, or outright non co-operation. Some less taciturn chapters have threatened with open hostilities.

Rhisienne System can boast with two legendary Imperial Guard regiments, the Renor Grenadiers and the Elite Tacit. Furthermore the Rhisienne PDF is a top tier military formation, in high demand across the sector and beyond. 

The system is a very model of Imperial values and strength, determined and resourceful. 

Here we go - the stories above were posted in the intro of my Dakkadakka blog ::LINK:: , 3/21/2009. Many things have happened in between, and it's time to press re-set, or start the clock again. Today, I've got the start of a very nice force. Half a dozen Alpharius, another half a dozen operators, a dozen dune twists, full squad of Renor Grenadiers (Air Cav) with their Vendetta, a fabricator captain and a mission!

The sixth edition is here! Or rather as I ordered mine through GW retarded order, it's in the mail, like my white dwarf... With the new edition arrive the rules for allies. Literally Emperor sent for this project.

To keep things simple : I will finish a unit a month! (more if accidents happen)

That means adding 6 more units to what I have now in 2012. That should result in to starting next year with a full army to take into a tournament.

I still haven't ordered the macro lens, but I know what I want. Once I have it, I will design an elegant and recognizable way of taking all my miniature shots. Until then you have to make do with these from a great camera, but wrong lens.

I present to you, three new Alpharius', first batch of the glass domes and the WIP Mechanicus Robot.

Original Alpharius / end of 2008 / spin-off from the Jade Vessel saga

Alpharius 2012

Alpharius 2012

First part of new display solution / dream desk project

Fabricator Captain Siimon and his Cyclops Destroyer System (work in progress)

Notice two JRN models watching my back :)

Desert Alpharius & Dune Twists 2010

Big Brother


  1. Quite a collection you've got there. it's always great to read your blog, very inspiring!

  2. Brilliant, Migs! The bell jars are an ingenious touch and complement your table perfectly; do think you'd make larger scenic bases for the individual miniatures to be set into on the base of each jar?

    I'm amazed you painted the next three Alpharius so quickly. It looks like such a complex scheme when you look at the previous step by step images.

    I look forward to seeing what other units will be emerging over the next few months.

  3. Makes me so happy to see nice progress from a fellow blogger=) Good job!

  4. I very clever display solution you've got there. Not only very practical but also very atmospheric - a bit of a "mad scientist" feel - and it goes very well with the desk.

  5. Great progress! Those bell jars... brilliant! Have you been collecting them? They can get quite expensive. Difficult to track down too, it seems.

  6. Great way to display your pieces and fits what you've shown of your desk just lovely.

    O and great that those new Alpha's are done. They are definately up to your usual good standard sir!

  7. Thank you so much Gentlemen.

    Fulgrim, that is a brilliant idea. I've been thinking of panting the dome bases very nicely, but making a few of them into fully integrated mini dioramas would be great!

    Phiq, I've been hunting and collecting them, but in the end, found really nice stuff from Amazon for very affordable prices.