Tuesday 10 July 2012

Pedal to the metal.

Hopefully finishing the Robot by the end of the week, with only the weathering to do now! :) The most enjoyable part on any model. Somehow it's the magical, late moment where the plastic toy turns into something that transcends scale and paint turns into representation of material and its qualities.

That should leave me with enough time to finish something else in July!

My thoughts on this project are pretty fluid now. Main focus is trying to understand how to introduce the +Inquisition+ in the army without it in anyway becoming the centre or focus of it. Can it be a nice narrative spice, a servant, in a force that is about teams of incredible operatives, not a hero general. This is very important for representing the legion the right way.

I really hope the rule book would FINALLY be waiting for me when I get home tonight. Understanding the Ally rules and putting together a few sample lists is soon going to be a must to move forward with intent.

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