Sunday 15 July 2012

Mechanicus robot done!

I try to find a moment to get proper pics for you guys. I still haven't ordered the macro lense (it's 800$) so I'm searching for a good deal.

Until then, fresh off the iPhone.


  1. I know it's a desaturated red, but I can't help feeling its a bit pink. . .

    I know red has always been a complete bitch to photograph, so hopefully when you get your new lens the better pics will alleviate my slight misgivings.

    It's still a masterful conversion, with a bitz combination that only you could come up with, making a rock solid and characterful model.

    Look forward to what's next.

  2. Red's a bitch - and I've had huge trouble shooting these two, but having said that the scheme is much more pink than orange. It just fits so nicely with the army and the feel I'm after. I'm not 100% happy with every model in the army, but the red I really nailed the way I wanted to and was totally unsure if I would when I started.