Thursday 5 September 2013

Next steps for the Twentieth Legion.

It's a nice feeling. Army in the bag. Satisfied, yet eager to out do the existing stuff after learning so much through the process. Now that I have critical mass, I can also spend (even) more time on individual things and have quite the list of things in planning.

Big news

  • I now have a full, high quality airbrush set up - will be looking into integrating this new tool with out everything looking airbrushed (a look I personally hate)
  • I have learned to use different pigments, filters and other tricks, but yet to make them really sing
Specific units being built or specifically planned
  • Imperial Guard Vendetta, incorporating everything I learned with the vehicles + the airbrush
  • 3 marines 75% painted
  • 3 henchmen 75% built
  • Second Cyclops Automaton (the big mechanicus robots brother)
  • Want to get bag to building the Dune Twists war mammoth
  • Henchmen chimera
  • The big trench system terrain set.
More vague in schedule and scope, but definitely in the to do list
  • Full Imperial Guard infantry platoon, if and when GW finally releases a new plastic regiment - the longest over due addition to the game IMO
  • Eldar allied detachment. Wraith heavy - complimentary color scheme, but still in moonlight
  • Bane blade or similar



  1. My only thought is that I would like more updates, more WIP showings.

  2. Got it - that should be more than ok now that I have the army and can be less disciplined about time. Hopefully that can help create more interaction and commentary too. Compared to number of people visiting the blog, it's a curiously small percentage of comments.

  3. I agree that GW should release some not Guardsmen. I really like the old metal ones, each is very unique and intriguing. It would be fantastic to see some in plastic, such that the Imperial Guard could be something other then just Cadians.

    I really look forward to seeing another Cyclops Automaton, your first is so full of life!

    What sort of airbrush/set-up are you using? I would really like to into using one for certain applications.