Monday 30 September 2013

DANGER :: Inquisitorial action imminent.

Oh dear,

Time may be right to start the final part of the trilogy.

Something happened this weekend - I got the idea for my third Inquisitor and POP, all of a sudden had the parts perfectly organized for him and the 4 henchmen. The most surreal modeling flow state where every idea was a very original mix of highly suitable concepts and themes. When ideas have been maturing in your head subconsciously for a long time, sometimes they rush out and it's thrilling. The model that started it was supposed to be something else...and is really not something that makes you think Inquisitor without modifications.

Well, lets see how it goes. My personal bar after Ugly and then Bad is VERY high for the Good and the most difficult concept to do justice to. I have a new and very different idea for the overall paint job too.


PS. I had decided it is time to revisit the Old Faithful Nurgle Lord. So I started building one and that impulse actually lead to the chain reaction above. Inquisitor Von Lochov just needs three plasma cannon "servitors". So this model has nothing to do with the trilogy - although I did entertain the idea - and then rejected it as each model across the trilogy really should be highly individual.

Hope you like the start of him. Plenty more work to do.


  1. Nice start! Great use of the centurion fist there! Gotta get me a few of those...

    The head seems to be a little high up though. I think he´d look more naturally fat if it "sank down" into the neck flesh two or three mm´s. It´d make him more stocky and unified.

  2. That might be the angle. He has zero neck. I snapped off the neck from both the model and the head. I think his neck fat / photo angles and lack of paint might be tricking it. I'll try and paint him this weekend.

  3. Nice work. That Nurgle champion just keeps finding new uses. I could do several more conversions using that dude.
    Looking forward to seeing the direction of your final inquisitor for the trilogy.