Saturday 1 June 2013

Legion WIP update.


  1. Looking good as always, Migs!
    Can't wait to see the painting of the Dark Angel, and the other two remain Legion-mysterious (in WIP) as usual.

  2. Where is the head from on that chap with the shotgun?

  3. Great stuff mate :)

    And thanks a lot for the close-up of the walker :)



  4. Very nice indeed!
    The hooded marine in particular looks very promising. Also that alternative heavybolter turret is way better looking than the original and gives the chimera a different feel.

  5. Everything looks cool - as always. Love that robot!

    The preacher needs a few more details I think though - some parchments, amulettes - stuff like that.

    What are you going to do with the dark angels chestplate?

    1. Thanks mate!

      Yes, I agree, still very WIP, I'm thinking of an OTT backpack with tons of "faith".

      All my marines have some freehand insignia on their breastplates. I haven't felt confident enough trying to sculpt imperial eagles on them. The Angel will be in XX livery, just the shoulder guard a hint of his past.

  6. The chimera looks excellent! I really like the heavy bolter turrets are great, very compact, which is at odds with most GW models. In the same vein, I really like your marine's heavy bolters because they are also more compact. which speaks to the Alpha Legion's penchant to espionage and stealth. The Dark Angel marine is very promising looking. The incorporation of GK terminator parts is very seamless and effective (I really like the open hand). As with most of your other marines, I also like how you gave him his bolter even if he was not holding it. I think the addition of holstered pistols, ammunition pouches, and other weapons makes the marines look like they are actually seasoned warriors, ready for whatever might be thrown at them.

  7. Thanks guys! I'm also a fan of the little stubby bolter turret. Going to rework the multilaser for the second chimera.

    Everything else is still work in progress like the title say. Plenty of equipment and detail work on the way :)

  8. Wow, you're working away now!
    btw, that stylistic touch of having the WIP images in black and white is just fantastic.

  9. Great new minis, and good to have a detailed pic of the robot here.

    Where are the missile pods from? IG Valkyre? Are they that large?