Friday 14 June 2013

Legion Progress report.

On track!

The three Guard vehicles are built and ready for paint. Ditto on the 3 new marines. Next up a Legion Land Raider Redeemer and an old skool pattern Forge World Rhino. I will then put together the massive GW terrain trench system that will give me three very different terrain systems to choose from and mix and match with. Having so much nice terrain makes me so happy.

I should be all set for painting everything in July and for the fall I have only one official hobby plan. To play some 40k.

I also did another full evening of weathering work on the Legion Venerable. I had used liquid masking for the chipping and didn't get enough resolution to convey scale, so I went back with my old tricks and am very happy with the extra effort. Good practice for the vehicles and the combination of liquid masking and foam and brush chipping really works.

I've also been admiring Forge World Horus Heresy models, the Primarch's in particular and getting quite excited of the huge boost the Alpha Legion models will potentially have for my project.

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  1. Just read through Your Dakkablog, stunning stuff man! Follow'd.