Sunday 9 June 2013

FLICKR base of operations established.

You can now find Legion of plastic at FLICKR

I gave up on the Blogger shortcomings for galleries and accepted the inherent additional work of an additional broadcast channel.

Your tips of interesting streams to check out, how to build up my galleries to your liking, and other things flickr are most welcome!


  1. New favorite page just found :)

    The Flicker page is a treasury of fantastic models :)



  2. Excellent, it is a much easier way to view your many fantastic models! Thanks.

  3. It's great to have a high-quality repository of your brilliant work available now! Instantly added many of your pictures to my favourites ;)

    *cough* Feel free to check out my stream, while you're at it ;) *cough*

    Sorry, couldn't resist it ;)

    1. will check it out now :) Thanks for the link.

    2. BTW, you can request a special flickr URL for your account! Like /KrautScientist. Just had mine updated to LegionOfPlastic this morning.

    3. Ah, that was a great pro tip ;-) Thanks, migs!

      I only got back to using Flickr recently, after their storage space upgrade: Before, it would only allow you 250 photos or so, and I was quickly running out of space...

  4. It is lovely to see all those pics together. I can't believe I've only now seen Inquisitor Haag too! Where on earth did you get that wonderful head?