Monday 17 March 2014

The Black Prince - a Freeblade Knight in the 41st millennium

After uncharacteristically reading the Codex, (yet to open the Tyranid Codex) and pondering on how to paint and where to take mine in the drowning sea of freshly finished Knights that is the internet, I've decided that.

  • a freeblade knight fits my army theme perfectly
  • I want mine to look much more gothic and detailed than built from the kit
  • it needs to be really really sinister. Sinister!
I am going to go with the green direction, but a dramatic splash of Black introduced to the scheme. I haven't yet done moonlight black. So I am looking forward to that challenge. 

So far the kit has been an absolute joy to work with. Only down side is how very long it takes to build one... 


  1. The time to build is nothing compared to the painting time ;) Good luck!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how you approach this; I'm sure I won't be alone in expecting something special! What are the opportunities for reposing the legs? Are they fairly fixed in the standard layout, or does it look like there'd be space for a repose?

    1. The legs can be reposed, but it's bit of a bummer GW did not make this super easy like they could've. I've chosen to stick to them as they are, and if I do a second one some day they will be reposed. Had the same recipe for my two wraith knights and it worked really well :)

      I've been building this guy bit by bit every night and still have a ton of work to do... WOW... I cannot wait to get into painting it.