Tuesday 11 March 2014

Five years of the XX Legion - Everything in three opposites!

Five years into the project, two kids, new continent, new job, new and new and new later, still thoroughly enjoying and excited about the "old" subject matter. The original ambition still stands.

"I've decided to throw out all the rules and just paint the way I feel I must and not be afraid of color. The project is inspired by Dainton's art as always, the Legion book and the pale, chilling light of the Moon." 

Something has changed too, I have more tools, more tricks and a much better understanding of what I am doing, and it will be a mix of these additions that should keep the project fresh and exciting. The balancing act is between having the courage to evolve things to avoid mannerism and boredom, while maintaining enough characteristics of the original philosophy.

In 2014 I look at my project with these three pairs.

  • light / shadow
  • fine detail / raw stroke & texture
  • sense of material and scale / surprising color play 

I play between each pair and constantly try and up the creative contrast they offer. I've recently introduced some exciting new tools:

  • an airbrush
  • varnishing with a full range between matt and gloss (Mixing floor wax and Tamiya flat medium)
  • enamel and other alcohol based metallics 

I look at each very critically, brining a new dimension, a new vitality to the work and the three pairings that drive the work these days. I'm really focused at not letting the new tools change the essence of my work, only add to its character. The advent of Airbrush for example, has lead to many armies that look airbrushed from miles away. 

Games Workshop has started out the year so strong, and implemented bold new changes that really benefit the hobby it feels, and it has helped energize the project. Looking back and forward to the future at the same time, plenty more of this to come:

"Furthermore, the Legion's rash, eager to prove, outrageously creative and utterly dangerous outlook on things is an immense inspiration, together with Imperial Guard armies of 2nd edition that had many different units and schemes. The relationship of superhuman warrior gods and their guard protégées has endless depth to interpret." 


  1. It has been a real pleasure to follow this growing and growing...

  2. Your philosophy has helped me to clarify what hobby means to me, as well as inspired to be more bold in both style and techniques. I used to be very narrow-minded when it came to the end results, aiming to the "perfect blend", browsing sites like Coolminiornot for design inspirations. Today it is more about having fun, experiencing and being self-confident of decisions made, rather than trying to aim for perfection. This route might not win me any demons, but atleast I'm having a blast! Well, the demon is still hounting somewhere in the dark corners of my mind...

    1. You should get it out of the system and go for it. Worked for me. One go, got it and then have felt zero motivation to try again. A unit of your finest would be a very strong candidate!

    2. Thanks for the support! There is a chance I might take part in GD the next year... Just need to have a solid idea for the entry (or two).

  3. I'm very excited to see what your new tools help you express across this army.