Thursday 11 October 2012

Dreadknight WIP

Venerable Omegon

Chapter Hero

Dread Knight pattern

Protector of Rhinsienne

It took a while longer to build, and I missed my one unit a month goal for September, but then it was a special month otherwise.

Here is a WIP picture for you guys, I am now happily into the painting phase, and will finish this guy by the ned of the month, hopefully with some time to spare for what ever I decide to do next.


  1. Looks good. I have high hopes for this; of all the Dreadknight conversions I've seen so far have been lackluster. It seems the open cockpit irritated a few people, which is okay, but I saw too many patching it over with blocky canopies, completely erasing the interest and complexity of the torso the original design had. Anyway, I love those flanking tilt shields too. You're doing it right.

  2. This will be a moonlit paint marathon no doubt.. Lovely model, sits nice alongside the big mech robot .

    love how clean your workspace is ..

  3. Thanks gents,

    This will be mostly pale sandy hue, heavily weathered. A prototype for the Legion and IG armour. I will aim for a distinct campaign force feel, with a lot of 2nd ed markings on the guard armor in particular.

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