Wednesday 24 October 2012

Abort mission - but Venerable finished!

Sunday's game did not happen. Executive orders from a friend's girlfriend ruled out the planned battleground.

However, I finished the Dreadknight on time and am quite excited with the result and getting to move on to new units.

I shot quick ones with the iPhone, but hope to do a proper shoot to show the weathering in particular. I used liquid masking and then later picked the revealed areas out with different rust and dirt treatments and it worked out very nicely. This will be the scheme I will use for all the Legion armor, but the Guard will have slightly different scheme with camouflage and large blue and white stripe markings, 2nd edition style. (but with a moonlight mix, realistic weathering and more emotion)


  1. Looking good!
    Girlfriends/wives can even prevent the eternal war!

  2. It's fantastic that you are getting ideas from this piece of writing as well as from our argument made at this place.Keep writing continue.

  3. I normally seriously dislike that model, but you actually made it look cool. :D

  4. Grand model. Funny that you are using a weathered white as I was just to start playing around with a very similar colourscheme.

  5. I just wanted to stop and say what an inspiration you've been to me. Not just your modelling and painting, but the way you connect to back stories and the world in which it exists. I'm still fairly new to the hobby, but I've been working away at it and getting better. I just finished up city fight guard army with lots of custom basing, and am now working on an Exorcists force with Inquisitorial support. I find myself always taking away something from your posts.

  6. Thanks Guys,

    Something this model definitely thought me is that vehicles I need a little bit different tactics to show the sharp lunar light and direction. Once I weathered this guy, the directional light was gone. I'm sure it really still affects the paint job, it just isn't as pronounced as planned. I know what to do with the next ones to achieve it. The Mechanicus Robot I primed black , with a dusting of white from the top. That worked quite well. For the IG armor, I have now great Tamya sprays and the airbrush to achieve what I want.

    Jakob - years ago I did that Space Marine army in white and silver. I really like weathered white/very light grey, but that army did it in a too stale and simple way and on the other hand, I did not want the legion blue to over whelm the bigger army and IG armor when displayed together. The Dozen or so blue marines will eventually have to be like pale stars shining from the mass when the army is done and deploys.

    Unknown - thank you for the kind words good sir! Your army sounds very interesting. Would be great to see some pictures.


  7. I'm nowhere near great, but this is the 77th Tanhauser Guard army:
    It kind of started as a bet to make the least meta guard army I could, but worked out really well. This was my first real fully painted army.

    This is my current project I'm finishing up on:
    Grey knights for 1st Company Enochian Guard and Inquisitorial support, and Codex Space Marines for the 4th Company core. I still have more work to do on them, but I've had a lot of fun with them!

  8. Hi Migs

    The dread looks great. I really like the way you have picked out the script on the armour. The way you add colour to the model via weather is also something else, the left leg thigh hydraulic is a good example.

    But the picture of the Robot is so much better than the last lot. The pink and red transition is lovely and I really like the dark red scratches in the pink and around the bolts. The mechanicus script on the rocket pod....and the missing missiles, the smoke damage round the fired missile tubes fantastic. It was good before this picture but wowzers its great now. Really hope your new camera lens arrives soon.


  9. Unknown - thanks for sharing! I like your approach!

    Peter - thanks mate, I told you so ;) (about the red) The new lense is actually on it's way. As is a pile of Imperial Guard Armour.

  10. Hits here,

    Love the venerable Mig, looks fantastic. reminds me of a 'tall' dread i knocked up a little while ago. As always, keep up the good work!