Friday 3 August 2012

Rogue Trader Leonard Delel and the Formicarius

Quick update, bad pics, but I finished the unit and can now move on to August stuff a happy man. Dawn of gaming is drawing near!

I have to add that the recent white Dwarf was a very positive surprise, showing a lot of the studio armies and a few great ones from tournaments and "Armies on Parade". It's about the time the sales mag has some hobby lore and love in it for a change. All gloriously punctuated by Blanitchu. Too bad I didn't finish Borsus on time to be in the article, but seeing Peter's work and John back in WD was absolutely brilliant.

I've had to make a big and hard decision and drop the +I+ conversion I loved from the army. (along with Borsus and Valencia). They just don't work scale wise with what I have in mind for the army. They would fill a void between humans and the marines that is crucial for the impact of the force. Positive side of the decision is that I get to convert another +I+ and I have the startings of a very promising =I=munda gang and the army will be a much stronger body of art for it.

Almost ready with the Marine for scale:

And a bad pic of them finished:

For reference, the +Inquisitor+ I need to save for future fun due to scale issues:


  1. Love it Migs, that size disparity is great. I think you made the right choice, there's no way you'd want to muddy such a striking comparison between the astartes and the humans.

  2. Is the gun mounted on the Inq's wrist a turret from Armageddon? Also I am in love with the Owl.