Sunday 26 August 2012

Mini Update

Thinking white, green and gold for the scheme, with enough tie ins to the army, yet with a hint of independent elegance.

All very pale of course.

Very happy I made the scale driven call to swap models and this is real citadel vintage with enough migs thrown in. I played with four different heads that would have completely changed to model. This one, with the trimmed mustache and added bionics really grew on me.

I ordered the new boxed set yesterday and am eagerly waiting for the cultists now. Perfect conversion material for this army :)

Still working on the Venerable "dread knight" Dreadnought.


  1. As always i love the bases, that little fan is a great piece. The moustachioed inq is certainly awesome, such a great headswap.

    Whats going on with the mini on the right? Certainly an odd head arrangement :D

  2. Your new Inquisitor is off to a nice start, rather looking forward to paint but I hope you're not going for gold armour. Where is the moustached head from?

    But for me the interesting miniature is the necromancer.....what is it going to be? Very excited by it all the same.