Monday 22 September 2014

Vlka Fenryka - The Wulfenkind Attack

"The Bear shall take up the mantle of
Gatekeeper, and the Lost Kin return to the
Realms of Man. Brother shall slay brother, as
at the Dawn of Time, but the Were-kin stand
aloof. Their task set in stone before them. The
Son of the Traitor shall lay waste - First the
Gate, then the Palace. The Children of Russ
shall oppose him or perish, their names
reviled for all time. Now is the time, mighty
Wolf. Your hunt is nearing its end. Your
quarry is set before you. Your saga shall be
sung for all time."

— Prophecy of Frode

"The voice of Russ was the loudest of all, [Text lost] but Guilliman and Dorn gainsaid his counsel. To enter the Occularis Terribilis would bring disorder on the surviving Legions, they said, leaving Man vulnerable to both the xenite and apostate. It is said that Russ, as was often the way, took his own counsel and sent forth the Wulfen to hunt down Abaddon and his followers. Others say that the Thirteenth Great Company pursued the heretics of their own accord, as hounds at the chase who heed not the calls of their huntsman. Others still maintain that the Wulfen had been tainted by the Dark Gods and were summoned by their call to join the Traitor Legions in the netherworld"


Imagine the bravest, the most dedicated, those who paid the heaviest price of the VI Legion, Adpetus Astartes, Vlka Fenryka,  Emperor's executioners. A Warrior band of individual heroes and hounds, in pursuit in to the warp 10 millenia ago to hunt down Magnus and the rest of the heretic Primarchs. Imagine a beautiful set of illustrations by Dainton translated to model form by an exquisite set of conversions and hyper realistic, but moody paint jobs.

XX Legion fought in moonlight, these will dwell in a warp blizzard. Things will be flowing in different directions, there will be a swirl of death and thunder around each hero and huscarl, wulfen and wolf. A dozen or so insane(ly) powerful warriors and or beasts. Empowered by the liberties in army selection that is the seventh edition Warhammer 40000.

A whole new level of scale (beyond what the insanity that was and is Legion) and new material feel with different weathering effects. 

I've finally started a brand new project. In the planning ever since I saw the new Horus model.This is a return to my first love, the Space Wolves, but the extreme 13th Great Company. You will notice a common theme to Alpha Legion. Stealth and duty, hated but loyal to death. I needed to wait until my birthday to open my box of goodies and have been having a blast this weekend. 

I want to considerably up the ante from Legion (sure I'll add to them too) and truly go nuts with the best of FW models... Which I painstakingly avoided with Legion's plastic only goal. There's something to be said about the power of restrictions, and equally letting go once you've built the stamina and skills in a given area. I want to make Legion look crude in comparison, and Space Wolves built out of the box look like toys. 

I hope you enjoy the journey and feel free to engage in discussion and feedback.


A Lord and his hound - Wolf Lord Harkon Bloodmoon a few details from primer and very early look at first of the Wulfen.

Birthday treats and the warmth in which the frozen beasts will take shape...


  1. i just answered but it seems to have gone - saying how inspired i am - its the large hero thing and the opportunity to mess with more forge world stuff - legion of resin ?

    1. Legion of Resin it will be. Some plastic and green stuff here and there, but those are resins too, aren't they :) Really really excited about this.

  2. This is going to be ... good !!!

  3. Can't wait to see how this develops. Forge World don't seem capable of making bad models right now, I just love everything they are doing with the Horus Heresy range.

    1. They are certainly creating the most gorgeous Warhammer 40000 miniatures of all time with some of the Primarchs and also some of the coolest vehicles.

  4. Awesome mate. I will be following this with great interest.


  5. WOoooooooah. You don't mess about do you? Horus and Gal Vorbak to start. Can't wait to see where this goes!

  6. These are exciting times! It will be wonderful to see what you can do with all of the excellent FW Heresy models, they are truly some of the most inspired models on the world, and your creative vision is sure to result in great things. I really like what you have done with the Horus model; it is subtle but effective.

    1. Thanks Eric! It is a fantastic feeling, having fought the temptation for so long. I do think FW got really awesome only some what recently, with HH and other new stuff. Timing is just right.

  7. This is gonna be gooooooood :D

  8. Now THIS will be a treat beyond anything I have seen from your talented hands Miklu!

    One Fenrisian Warrior God each month for more than a year. Feels like a god damn candy store :)

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