Friday 23 May 2014

Paint Water Diaries : Kitbash Corner Interview

The guys at Paint Water Diaries did an interview with me recently. It gave  me a good opportunity to ramble on how and why I do things. Their site is well worth checking out.

Here's a link to the interview:

Hope you enjoy it.


  1. Was a nice insightful read. I too found you many years ago on dakka with your crescent marines. Oh how I still love that terminator with owl!
    If ya have time I asked a question on your last post that I'm curious about :)

  2. Excellent interview. I only have to look at your blog if i ever run out of enthusiasm. Something you said that caught my eye regarding wanting to do Eldar; "only if I can do a really new look that fits. Something that has impact and deserves to be done."

    This is exactly the direction I am taking in doing an Exodite army. Many of the exodite armies out there, whilst being technically well done, don't really capture how Exodites come across in the fiction for me. It's something that I feel is well worth my time to do properly. I'm using your philosophy of looking for interesting combinations of bits that bring out the atmosphere and story surrounding the miniatures.

    Have you ever thought about Exodite Eldar and how they might be portrayed?

    1. Thanks Evan, really looking forward to seeing your Exodites. Do you have them online anywhere yet?

      I've thought about Exodites, recently actually, with the new Treeman kit, wondering how it would combine with a Wraith Knight kit :) I might've considered seriously if a plastic ranger kit existed.