Friday 30 August 2013

While we wait...

relax and read something:

A stunning example of a B&W paint job, now at the top of my inspiration folder to serve as a reminder, that the light/shadow work of a miniature should work strikingly without color.

Anyway, I've begun putting together two small teams of three henchmen with Bolters. Handy little teams that are dirt cheap in pts cost but can ride around in a chimera or future razorback and claim objectives.

Like all units in the army - both will have their own sub themes (and take an insane amount of care for a game play model worth all of 5pts). This first team is a little more overtly pompous, henchmen from Inquisitor Berthold Von Lochov's own family guard. But also hardcore experienced and worn Legion operatives. A mix of mostly Empire and Chaos cultist parts.

I've also grown really fond of Standards, flags and other large canvas sections with which to show the moon light and water painterly approach to such material feel and in general one key visual aspect that separates Warhammer 40000 from warfare as we know it today. So I'm trying to include as much of them in the army as I can, eventually culminating in to Alpharius carrying a Legion War Banner.

And a reminder of my scale. 

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  1. I can see why that model has gone into your inspiration folder... that's stunning work.