Wednesday 27 June 2012

The Sixth Edition

It is that exciting time again, and this time the additional energy and excitement is much needed.

I remember the release of each of the editions from the 2nd one, which introduced me to the grim darkness of english genius sic-fi stories and art. Happily, over the years those energies have turned into almost as good miniatures. The company, the game and the hobbyist have come a LOOONG way.

There's a ton of rumors floating around the inter web, but none so promising for my project than the "allies". This single sift in the hobby would single handedly liberate and integrate my modeling project into a more rounded hobby and gaming experience.

BOLS recently did an article about the apparent change:

I've recently stopped posting and hanging out in the few forums I used to frequent, in order to scrape together little bit of time to work on the models. Hopefully by the end of the year I would have something together to return with a vengeance and also to build a gaming group of sorts in my new home city.

It's been an amazing 9 months! Less so for hobby results, more so for everything else!


  1. That article does an excellent job of presenting the 'for' argument. As he says, playtesting will be the true test.

  2. Nice to see stuff coming from that lovely desk again migs.. glad the new rules benefit your army type.. I never bought the last book as I don't game .. but .. i will be picking this sedition up for the art I missed in the last one.

  3. Does this mean we'll be seeing weird flyers in your force?