Sunday, 28 July 2013

Big strides.

Guys, I finished three IG tanks today. Very very rewarding feeling. Painting the Land Raider now, that will be the pick of the bunch and receive care. I intend to keep going until the LR is finished and then take pics of all of them, the Venerable Dreadknight that is yet to be properly photographed, and of course the whole army now that this insanity has really reached a quantity best described as such.

This may have to wait until after my trip, but we shall see.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. Tease ;)

    But seriously sounds like a very productive period and I look forward top the results. With your very particular use of basing will you make mini bases or a display board for the tanks?

    I've been slogging through an army of late and getting to the finish line slowly becomes a question of at what point of the model ready for me to stop.

    I keep finding new details to add...

  2. I know - sorry - at this point half of the people might've been expecting that I gave up, so I had to at least update on the progress. I really want to do the photo shoot properly and that takes half a day from finishing the models :)

    Part of that is that end of last year I also finished a fully detailed "GW realm of battle" board that I have not shot properly and I want to use it to shoot the minis.

  3. Good to hear about progress.
    Got some exciting projects on this side of the pond to dive into soon.

    Look forward to the photos. And I certainly agree about that having to be done properly - and that photographing miniatures does take time. Minis on a fully painted battle board. Superb.

  4. I'm extremely excited to see the sum of your work. I've been following your projects since around when the amazingly beautiful desk appeared on scene, so this *reveal* will be very rewarding.