Monday, 25 August 2014

A point in time - Old and new ventures.

The trip to Nottingham and Denmark was inspirational to say the least. And I'm back to working on stuff in a nice state of exhaustion and excitement.

7th Edition Warhammer 40000 seems to have spiraled in to a release cadence and data-slate sanity where it is close to impossible to keep track, or even know how to build an army. Just as I had my Legion guys ready, the new Grey Knight book mixed things up again. Not complaining, mind you, just acknowledging I'm too busy and old to keep up.

I am how ever excited and focused as ever to pushing the project to new heights.So very thankful of all the new models. Having just seen a vast range of unbelievably cool models in Europe, it's exciting to see that the coolness in my own cabinet, at army scale, can stand proud! The sheer intimidation of a full squad of "art-scale" Space Marines and all the adjacent craziness keeps me going with this particular labor of love. The Knight came out quite nicely too.

So next,

I will finish painting the Librarian. He is going to a very sinister, warrior shaman direction. Every bit the super warrior a space marine is, but with clear, sinister, mark of the witch, and master of forbidden lore. Hoping to get this done soon to show you.

I also need to find the stamina to paint 4 more Mechanicus storm troopers, to finish the squad of ten and reward myself with more esoteric Mechanicus characters. Fabricator Captain Siimon, desperately needs a new model, and the old one will be demoted to his aid.

To enable new additions, I just ordered way too many models and some terrain from Forge World and Games Workshop, and am now fighting a pretty cool Space Wolf idea to not get derailed. That might include Horus model and some Gal Vorbak into Wulfen work.

...and then there is Aquila Illuminati - part 3 of the trilogy.

I'm grateful for the blog and all of your comments. Humans are social beings after all, and it doesn't help to have all of my modeling friends the wrong side of the atlantic. Lets see if I can get you pics soon.

Monday, 18 August 2014

It's been a while - from nothing to Epic!

So far 2014 has been the busiest of my life and it's been hard to find time for the hobby.

To balance the quiet, I give you a pictorial of an EPIC +I+munda event that took place in Nottingham very recently, followed by a special get together in Denmark. It is incredible what amazing experiences and friendships this hobby can create.

I'm sure this game will be reported and documented properly else where too. What it really is, is a celebration of the hobby that also involved some random rolling of the dice. But the focus and genius is really on the narrative and the spectacular models and terrain.

Very soon, it's time to talk about the future, and the third installment of my Inquisitor Trilogy. Powered by this inspiring experience.

The gorgeous terrain, together with an insane host of Mechanicus things and marketplace goods built and painted by JB

More of JB's genius, with Peter's gorgeous rusted gear

JB's robot, with Kari's arco unit, "integrated".

JB's robot II

Neal's incredible Market Place quarter master. Neal brought an utterly brilliant set of weird, dystopian, war hammer gear.

Tim's Mechanicus models. Wish I had more pictures of these lovelies. Tim teamed up with JB for the game
Johan's Radical =I= and my partner in crime for the day.

Johan's models travelled in style

Peter's classic beauties. Don't have enough photos of these, but they have been well documented elsewhere.

my Alter Daemon, one of two new models I brought - which is pretty pathetic considering what all others did!

Johan's guys advance

Borsus and Curze set up

Silas and crew sneak forward

towards and inevitable clash with JB

Kari's Flagellants versus Silas

who would kill both

before cutting open the injured to unleash the Alter

who would go on a tear

one of Tim's gorgeous mechanicus horses

group shot of my guys

Flagellant Ambrosius

Peter's stunning rust work and Mechanicus guardian


our survivors from a bloody game.

And then on to Denmark... To meet with Jakob and Stefan

Stefan's vintage GD winner

Jakob's Crystal Brush best of show.

Miracles do happen, Stefan is back to painting! and I'm honored to have one of his to join a few of Jakob's and a few of JBs in my collection :)

Friday, 23 May 2014

Paint Water Diaries : Kitbash Corner Interview

The guys at Paint Water Diaries did an interview with me recently. It gave  me a good opportunity to ramble on how and why I do things. Their site is well worth checking out.

Here's a link to the interview:

Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Skitari operatives - the first six are done.

The exciting advent of Warhammer 7th edition has slowed down my drive to finish all twenty, not knowing what happens to the allied Matrix and what not, but the energy to work on more Mechanicus stuff hasn't gone anywhere. I really want to build some crazy, more detailed and esoteric Magos types next, plus the flying automaton.

Monday, 28 April 2014

Planning and competing interests

2014 has so far been the most overly double booked and hectic year of my life. Luckily most of that has been fun things trying to all happen at the same time. Out of a busy work & home life a little window is left out for the hobby and after a very slow start, things have picked up nicely.

Friends often ask me how can I get so much stuff done, and I usually give them a little speech about the benefits of exemplary self discipline and not owning a TV, but it has recently come to my attention I actually paint really fast. We've been exchanging emails about models painted in three hours and people hate the clock and approach results as a compromise, while I realize spending more than 3 hours on an infantry model, even to "showcase" standard is rare to me. Or I should say unnecessary. 

Why I might be quite efficient deserves another entry. There are distinct reasons for it. Instead I want to tell you I now have a specific goal to "finish the army" and real reason to worry about getting side tracked.

The Golden Throne Grand Tournament, 2000pts of Warhammer 40K Northern California style is the first weekend of August, and I've got my ticket and plan in place.

Left to do is:
  • build and paint 14 more Skitarii troops
  • build and paint a Skitarii Attack craft (the small SM flyer)
  • build an paint a legion drop pod
  • paint the legion librarian (new arms since you last saw him)
  • detail and paint the Display Board
That's a chunk of stuff by August. But should I pull it off, I would have well in excess of 3000pts of beautiful Legion models to play with and expand for years to come. It will also give me an army that should perform well on the battle field, provide I learn to play this edition first. Those of you who play and or follow the tournament scene are aware of a pretty sad state of "meta" or current trend in army building called "death-stars", where 95% of top armies are made of the most abusing single unit you can build that takes benefit of all the re-rolls available and more often that not, insane battle brother ally benefits.

So hopefully, I get to finish the force, learn to play (ie. at least 3 practise games) and enjoy the tournament: ie. do not get totally smashed, shredded, pinned and instant-deathed by some barely painted death-star.

The reward, or possibly the plan buster, is of course, the Good and final installment in my Inquisitor trilogy. Something I've been working on for a good few months, on an off, in my head, and bits box, slowly putting stuff together and tweaking it. 

There's a good deal of self created pressure. This needs to be as good and better than the first two, really different and an insane ode to Games Workshop's massive leaps in plastic material quantity and quality since starting the original "Shaddes offe Greye" group six or seven years ago. Pretty sure I have the ingredients, but with yet another "big painting idea" on how to do it things can also go very wrong :)


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Skitarii Praetorians

Praetorian Kill Team RSX-317, elite of the Skitari elite, led by Decanus Gore is on the painting table.

  • under moonlight as ever
  • need to fit both Legion and Sentinels of Mars detachments visually
  • need to paint at least 20 of them
  • back to impact, strong shadow and light - where the Knight as such a big object was a challenge
Test trooper done. 

reminder, that they ares up posed to fit this lot nicely:

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Raphael Freeblade - Knight Eternal.

Phheeeeeewwww… It took what felt like a small eternity and I still can’t call him finished, but I have pictures to share. 

I feel a great sense of achievement and excitement, despite what was an odd journey of direction changes and experiments. I started with an image of a black skull mask and bone motifs, but wasn’t feeling the faceplate at all. I then painted another helmet and decided I do like the bare head the best. I feel like I failed the heraldic hero look, but got a very bad ass war machine.

I still need to work on the base, the exhausts and little washes here and there for the metallics. But not before I take a brake with the next exciting thing. (picture below the Knight pics)

I really enjoyed the airbrush, oils and my new set up. I learned and fine tuned many new effects here, that I want to apply on tanks and more manageable sized projects in the near future. Being able to add just the right amount of gloss / matt as a final finish is something I’ve dreamt of for a decade. Pledge floor wash mixed with the wanted amount of Tamiya flat medium and airbrushed exactly where needed does the trick perfectly!

Hope you like him! 

PS. Next comes my take on the new Storm Trooper Kit. I've always struggled with all thing Mechanicus looking too lobotomized. It fits servitors well, but not the breadth and depth of great fluff and many facets of the organization that is fast becoming it's own detachment in the project. I really enjoyed reading the HH series book about Mechanicus civil war, with Knights, techno-assassins and aspects of the organization I want to play with. 

When I first saw the new models, I instantly thought they'd make a wicked Mechanicus unit. Imagine the best trained and equipped, fully augmented, Skitari shock troop. These are counts as Imperial fist scouts. I'm building a detachment of "Sentinels of Mars" to round out the army to 2000pts and the Golden Throne Grand Tournament in August. I want the army to look good, but also work very well.

5/20 pictured: Notice the solid shell bolt carbines, more advanced comms on the leader and shoulder targeting systems actually tracking the warriors sights.