Friday, 5 July 2013

July 11th - the D-Day

My window for painting mayhem is drawing close. Starting next thursday, I will have the evenings and weekends for myself for three weeks and intend to "finish the army" to well over 2000pts.

I have 5 tanks and three new marines to paint and will be posting regular updates.


  1. You must really be looking forward to some proper modelling time!
    Looking forward as always to your updates.

  2. Yes, this is a mixture of joy, but also bit of a responsibility/stress. Knowing these kind of windows are the time to get anything beyond individual models done. I just need to learn to enjoy it and after this push, all I really need to do with this army is to add exactly what I feel like doing for years to come :) And THAT is one feat! I still remember doing the first Alpharius and Sgt. Jargassor for Jade Vessel, and going hmmm.... wouldn't it be insane to do an army with this approach.

    Hopefully the new additions will be worth the wait for you guys!

  3. Totally excited to see regular updates!

  4. Sounds good Migs! I am looking forward to your soon-to-come updates :)