Monday, 13 October 2014

Vlka Fenryka - works in progress, a puzzle forms.

The famous flow, intriguing state of hobby bliss where ideas turn into beginnings and you feel like hiding in a bunker for a few days to just work on the models.

Ideas can be really fragile, fickle things that need to be exposed to others in the correct order. A WIP picture of a model in a project like this is like seeing a puzzle piece half finished. You can respect the craft and build intrigue, but then what.

And I hope that is part of the charm, enjoyable and a nice tease.

Last night was spent on the holiest of hobby times, sorting out a new brilliant bits box, where a dozen models was already sketched together in their respective compartment. I flirted with the idea of sharing a picture, but then felt like posting the inside of my brain on the inter web and decided to wait. I found a great quality tool box thing, that has little, medium and large yellow compartments inside that can not only be arranged to my liking, but also picked up to work on an individual model.

Today I have pictures of Bone crafting aides for a wolf priest that will be based on the Salamander Primarch, Vulkan. A Kraken slaying warrior god specialized in the arts of healing and death. The surgeons are sinister beings, crafted fro their purpose, wearing different animal skull masks and to be heavily detailed with chapter lore. Also featured is an Iron Priest in terminator armor, with an assault cannon. First of many Mechanicus themed things in the Rout of Terror. It's a simple conversion that strikes a nice balance between recognizable silhouette and novelty. I've thrown a toy space marine in there to show the scale.


  1. Great seeing this project evolve further and very excited to see where you take the Vulkan base model.

    1. Thanks. Iron Hands Primarch is also in the bits box with fenrisian goodies to go.

  2. You have some exciting looking models coming together their! The bone collectors are very characterful. Good use of the new wrack kit!

    Using the Primarch models as the base for conversions is a great idea, but I feel it can also be a bit daunting. They are so finely detailed and oozing with character that I find it could be difficult to be able to create a new model with them that is recognizable as something other then the Primarch itself. Did you have any such reservations when considering this new Vulkan conversion?

    It also might make creating additional models to stand toe to toe with them difficult, as few models are so epic as the FW Primarchs (just look at those tiny bone collectors!). Just wondering about your creative process as you begin to tackle such a project. If anyone would be up to the task I feel it would be you however, based on your stellar Alpha Legion. Regardless, I am really excited to see how all of this progresses, it is quite a titanic undertaking! Good luck.

    1. Thanks Eric.

      I have such considerations, but zero reservations. What I have sorted out for Vulkan will make him SO DIFFERENT in feel. Same for Ferrus Manus. I think Horus is completely transformed by a simple conversion and the new scheme. In my eyes at least.

      You are absolutely right on the scale threshold though. The Primarchs are borderline too big for this to work, and I need to be careful with them, but for lords and biggest heroes, with carefully chosen heads, they will be brilliant. The Gal Vorbak are spot on in size. I do not worry so much about how this project goes together with other armies. I want them to be Artwork and Blacklibrary vision given 3dimensional shape.

  3. Man, those surgeon acolytes are the bomb. Great job!

    1. Thanks mate! Still a ton of detailing to do on them :)

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