Sunday, 28 September 2014

Vlka Fenryka - inspiration and another tease

I had a good few nights and the 1st model is more than half way done. These days the most painting I get done at the time is one or 2 hours, and the only way to get anything finished is to be disciplined and do something every almost every night.

I applied an oil wash and an enamel filter last night. Since some folks asked about the filter, it's a product, by . This particular hue is called "panzer grey blue filter"or something similar. A great way to add a little variation to the grey. I also use their Abteilung oils.

The thing with the oils is that they need a long time to dry and it so happens I had to leave on a business trip and the paint should be conveniently cured when I get back on Friday. Then a few more nights and I should finally be ready to show you some pictures.

Until then, John sent me this picture having been inspired by my ruthless repurposing of Horus. Such a clever conversion - the head swap on the wolf pelt is just genius!


  1. Amazing! - hopefully you can post the finished version too...

    1. Will be finished soon as I get more tyme than most ..........

    2. I look forward to it sir...

      P.S Would love for you to glance over my blog if you had anymore of that tyme spare...

    3. Very cool stuff! Absolutely love the latest model with the little creature.

    4. Great conversion by Blanche! The Gal Vorbak is a beauty too.

      I look forward to see how those oils and the filter turns out. Could you by any chance send me a wee bit of your discipline while on your business trip?! Just a few days of it would do wonders...

    5. Thank you.

      Sorry for highjacking your blog, which is amazing by the way....

    6. FPOA, Mate, that's when I need it the most ;)

  2. Mr Blanche has never ceased to amaze me with his bottomless reservoir of creativity and drive...

    Oh, but to have a thimbleful of that...

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